How to make your bum look bigger in jeans

Hip Thrust

If you’re familiar with gym equipment, you’ll know that hip thrusts are one of the best exercises for building and shaping your glutes. Typically performed with weighted resistance and the help of an exercise bench, this move is not for beginners! Read more about the benefits of hip thrusts here.


Squats will always be a classic exercise to add into your lower body routine, and performing a variety of squats can also help you achieve rounder glutes. For a round bum, perform your squats in variations: a mix of skater squats, bulgarian squats and jumping squats will hit your glute muscles from every angle. Read more about squats to build your glutes here.

Glute hyperextension

You might be familiar with the traditional hyperextension, but did you know that by adapting this move with just a couple of tweaks, it becomes a major bum booster? Read more about performing a glute-focused hyperextension here.


Deadlifts can be difficult, and they require some weighted resistance to be effective for growing the glutes. However, once you’ve mastered this move you can increase your resistance substantially and reap the bootylicious results! Read more about deadlifts for glute gains here.

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