25 young athletes participated in the poomsae cup, in Matou

On April 23, 2022, about thirty young taekwondists participated in the poomsae cup in Matoury. This discipline, which is part of taekwondo, is gradually developing in Guyana.

Back to the tatami. On the morning of Saturday, April 23, 2022, 25 youth (from younger to older categories) participated in the Guyana Poomsae Cup. Presented by the regional taekwondo league, it took place at the Maison des arts martiaux Lucie-Decosse, in Matoury. Poomsae is the technical part of taekwondokorean martial art The discipline, which is developing in Guyana, is in addition to pure combat.

Poomsae is an imaginary fight in which the competitor imagines that he has several opponents. Perform taekwondo techniques. This requires a lot of rigor and technicality.

Papa Demba DIOUF, President of the Guyana Taekwondo League

For the league president, “martial arts are above all a fight against oneself“. He chases: “The important thing is not to be the first, but to have done better than we knew how to do.“This Saturday’s meeting was therefore a success according to him.”The young people surpassed themselves, some surprised us and others achieved extraordinary performances“, assures Papa Demba Diouf. In addition, one of these young taekwondists stands out, he believes.

Corentin Gnofam, a graduate of the Cayenne JAAMBAR taekwondo club, in full demonstration.


Poomsae is led by young champions who evolve on a national and even international level, such as Corentin Gnofam. Licensed to the Cayen JAAMBAR taekwondo club, participated in the last French taekwondo championships, in January, in Valencia. He also competed in Brazil and Suriname. On the occasion of the meeting organized in Matoury, Corentin Gnofam won the Guiana poomsae cup in the Senior category.

Taekwondo is something that I started thanks to my cousins ​​in Togo. It is a little bit that allowed me to evolve as a man. So poomsae, in particular, allows you to have self-control while trying to exert power.

Corentin GNOFAM, member of the Cayen JAAMBAR taekwondo club

To train for competitions, the young taekwondo player benefits from a coach’s advice once a week. This last resident in France, the training is done by videoconference. Due to this difficulty, Corentin Gnofam relies heavily on his motivation. “I give the maximum for each competition.“, assures the champion.

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