A great American golf prospect confined to the jungle returns this week on the PGA Tour

The magazine told the incredible fate of Morgan Hoffmann, who had chosen to withdraw from the circuit and go to live in Nepal and then in Costa Rica to treat a rare disease. golf summary at the beginning of the year.

Two years have passed since Morgan Hoffman, a former world No. 1 amateur, has not played competitive golf. But this week in hilton headin South Carolina, will be one of the highlights of the tournament.

Morgan Hoffmann was diagnosed with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) in 2016. He made his diagnosis public a year later.

This disease, for which Western medicine has no cure, affected the young aspirant’s chest and greatly reduced his ability to swing at high speed. Hoffmann had lost 10 miles per hour (16 km/h) and his performance was suffering.

Grapes, urine and Ayahuasca

After unsuccessfully consulting many Western specialists, Hoffmann turned to methods outside of traditional medicine.

in the article of dan rappaportexplains how her diet changed after reading the story of a woman whose brain tumor was said to have disappeared after eating only grapes.

For 17 days he only ate grapes. “Every morning I would go to the opening of Whole Foods in Jupiter, Florida to stock up on grapes.” he explains.

In early 2018, Hoffmann and his wife, Chelsea, also moved to Nepal, isolated from the world, to experiment with treatments handed down from ancient times such as urine therapy, which involves using one’s own waste as a mouthwash twice a day.

In the article he also recounts a transcendental shamanic experience based on Ayahuasca (a hallucinogenic decoction originating in South America) lasting several days.

Inmate in Costa Rica

This healing journey then took them to Costa Rica. His partner found a house away where they settled in 2020.

There are no windows or doors in your new ocean view retreat. There they live with three dogs and two cats and the nearest golf course is relatively far away.

The couple created a foundation and want to develop a wellness center.

medical exemption

For a few months now, the 32-year-old’s health problems have disappeared and Hoffmann, who has a medical exemption for 3 tournaments, is ready to return. To retain his right to play, he must score 238 points in the game. FedExCup.

“I trained hard and my game seems pretty solid to me”he said after his scrimmage earlier this week. His best result in the PGA Tour dates back to 2017 when he finished second in the slingshot classic.

“Today, I’m not just here to play golf, I’m here to bring the knowledge I have to the PGA Tour. Here they drive us in a new car every week, they pamper us all the time. I am very happy that I have reached the point of learning that all these material things will not allow us to be happier in life. »

In CBR HeritageMorgan Hoffmann will play the first two rounds with the English Matthew Fitzpatrick and his compatriot, Harold Varner III.

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