A new chapter for the Lacoste Ladies Open de France


Main partner of the tournament since 2011, Lacoste renews its commitment to the Women’s French Open for a new cycle and takes this historic event of the Ladies European Tour (LET) to a higher dimension.

This 32nd edition of Women’s French Open Lacoste will mark the opening of a new chapter, with the discovery of an iconic destination: Deauville, and its famous golf barrier.

the tour diane barrierea par 71 of 5,648 meters inaugurated in 1929 and designed by the great English architect tom simpsonthus reunites with professional golf after hosting in the past the gentlemen (open french 1931 and 56) and ladies (Air France Madame Open 1997 and 98).

Like Céline Boutier or Nelly Korda

Top 108 LET Players will try to succeed the defending champion Celine Boutier – French No. 1 and current 17th in the world, the highest ranking for a Tricolore in the history of the game – and see her name engraved on the tournament trophy, to join some of the greatest champions in women’s golf.

like the american nelly kordaGold medalist in the last Olympic Games, winner of French events in the Ladies European Tour in 2019.

36 fans

the Women’s French Open Lacoste also innovate by organizing an alliance during the first two rounds. On Thursday 15 and Friday 16 September, 36 fans will have the privilege of experiencing a professional tournament from within, as close as possible to the players, each sharing their game with three of them.

The tournament renews its support for the proettes, who have not been spared from the health crisis, and will offer them accommodation on the premises, within thegolf hotelprestigious 4-star hotel of the Barrière group.

record crew

East Women’s French Open Lacoste “increased” with an increased allocation to €325,000 also has the ambition to create connections between cultures and communities, and it is in this spirit that it has adopted a new visual identity in this sense, created by the artist Maria Presmar.

Thus, this 32nd edition will be placed under the sign of art, by exhibiting in the tournament venue works compiled by the artistic director Jeremiah Nassir. The objective is to allow golf lovers to admire exceptional creations, and to encourage a new public to come to the course to discover them… and play at the same time.

Deauville between boards and greens

In the same spirit, the city of Deauville will organize on Planches, the iconic seafront promenade, a photographic exhibition featuring famous film actresses, club in hand; a symbolic link between Women’s French Open Lacoste and the famous american film festivalto be held in Deauville the week before.

Secondly, a giant green It will be installed on the beach, in front of the Bar du Soleil, so that everyone can learn about the little white ball.

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