A new hybrid range at ECCO GOLF – Golf Planète

The new range of ECCO GOLF shoes, BIOM C4, offers many technical innovations brought by the Danish brand for optimal comfort.

The shoes BIOME C4 they are the last born of the brand ECCO GOLF. They allow the shoe to breathe 360° and keep golfers dry and comfortable throughout the round.

Thus, this new series offers innovative comfort and ensures a subtle balance between cushioning, rebound, waterproofing and air circulation.

technology concentrate

The shape of the shoe allows for optimal support and superior control, while the TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) parts on the outside add stability. Finally the technology BIOM NATURAL MOVEMENT ensures a natural movement of the foot.

this collection BIOME C4 has the building Gore-Tex shell. It is associated with an exhaust grille that draws fresh air towards the sole of the foot.

Progressive hybrid outsole features three different sections for traction, stability and rotational support.

Template ortholite The breathable material ensures excellent long-term cushioning.

Plus a performance leather upper ECCOthe C4 it also features a new super-stretchy mesh “insole” that improves in-shoe comfort.

To equip yourself with these BIOME C4you will have to pay 220€.

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