A Quebecois lends her voice to the PGA

Quebec’s Roxanne Jean will ensure the succession of an old PGA tradition, from February 24 to 27, as she will announce the departure of the golfers during the Classic Honda, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Best recognized in the Province of Belle for her television roles as well as her voice, which she lent to various advertising projects, Roxanne Jean also became the first French-speaking Canadian woman to embody the voice of Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. .

However, it will not be her first experience in the world of golf, she has held these positions during some competitions on the Mackenzie Tour, the Canadian PGA Tour, in addition to introducing players to a tournament of the best golf tour in the world. .

“I come with a whole new energy to the PGA Tour,” she says when contacted by phone. It cannot be seen anywhere in the world. I really come with a feminine energy. there are few of that [de femmes]has [les doigts de la main]. I have already been told that perhaps I was the first.

Although it is a particularly different experience from her regular job, Roxanne Jean greatly appreciates each of her participation in a golf tournament. She especially likes the human side as she accompanies her to a tournament.

“I spend three-quarters of my life in recording studios, often in basements, with no windows, no access to people, no access to the vibration of being with another human being,” explains Lavalloise. When I get to events like these that are outdoors, I see people and in the world of golf everyone is happy. The volunteers are happy, the spectators are happy, the players are happy, and more than two years ago, because there we understand that it is a privilege to be able to continue with the sport. There really is an atmosphere that gives me chills from day 1, until the final.

The one who likes to describe herself as a “voice actress” will be in action on Wednesday, during the pro-am round, where a professional is paired with a group of amateurs in a more festive day. She will also be on duty from the first round on Thursday through the final round on Sunday to call out some of the biggest names in golf.

Voice Expert, Golf Beginner

If Roxanne Jean has been making a leap in the world of entertainment for years, she is only taking her first steps as a golfer. However, she discovered a passion in this sport.

“I’m passionate, but a passionate beginner,” said Jean. I like to be outdoors. It is a sport that is long, we have time to talk and it is a moment of pure happiness.

Roxanne Jean was able to play golf in recent years in Quebec, she was even a member of two different golf clubs. Also, if she had the chance to pick a golfer she could play a round with. She would opt for Canadian Taylor Pendrith, one of the athletes she had the opportunity to present at Mackenzie Tour events.

“At one point he won the Mackenzie Tour, I don’t remember what year, and I had presented him as the big winner, and then something very nice happened. I think I could be “cool” with Taylor Pendrith,” she said, visibly amused by the question.

“It could be anyone, frankly, but I would have to increase my caliber of play, I would have to play frequently, I haven’t reached that level. […] In three or four years maybe, when I play a little more.

Michel Lacroix’s replacement?

If there is one voice in the sports world that is particularly well known in Quebec, it is that of the Montreal Canadiens’ in-house broadcaster, Michel Lacroix.

Roxanne Jean also shares a link with “the voice of CH”, since the latter had agreed to sponsor her, in 2010, when she was trying to obtain a position as a facilitator for the Vancouver Olympics. She had even beaten him at cards, “and that, [Michel Lacroix] I can’t deny it,” he jokes.

She also admits that when Lacroix announces his retirement, she would be very interested in replacing him to become the next “voice of the Canadian.”

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