Activity ideas for this weekend from May 27 to 29 in Wallonia and Brussels

This dragon that prefers to spit confetti instead of fire is the central figure of the Marche carnival folklore. There’s also Gugusse, a rag doll that offers itself an acrobatic number each year thanks to the fabric spread by the oldest of the Marche folk groups, masked companions simply called “the friends of Gugusse”.

We will encounter these two figures during the climax of the event, namely the great Sunday procession. But Grosse Biesse and Gugusses will not be alone, far from it, as there are nearly 50 groups made up of 1200 attendees which will parade in exuberance through the Marche. The event promises to impress onlookers as there are none other than 1,500 kg of sweetsmore of 3 tons of confetti, 20,000 oranges (because yes, Gilles is here too!) and 5000 flowers which will be released into the air this time.

An appointment is therefore made with the Grand Mautchî, the Sin Non Di D’ju, the High Court, the Topi pî, the friends of the Gugusse, the Gôzaux, the Balouches, the Devils, the Nutons, Diaoul dia, the Zibistoukets, the Pémanes, the Macrâles, La Porte Basse, the dance group of Solange Marré, the Gilles society “Les Bons Vivants”, the children of hAYEloween, the Louis Z’Attak, the Friends of Théo, the communal harmony de Marche, the Argouanes and the Coprins de Fond des Vaulx, the new group of Spinets de Gerny and Grosse Biesse, the parade will be made up of local companies whose groups and floats will compete for the contest.

When ? From May 26 to 29, 2022

Where ? Plae de l’Etang, 6900 Marche-en-famenne

Practical information : Website

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