Alexander Bublik talks about the ban on Russian players at Wimbledon

World No. 32 Alexander Bublik was unwilling to support or criticize Wimbledon’s decision to ban Russian and Belarusian players, but added that he believed sport should not be mixed with politics.

“I don’t want to judge if it’s right or wrong, but I’ll be happy to tell you what I think,” Bublik told Eurosport. “It is a decision of the government and the organizers.

It is your right to do so. To me, sport is also a distraction from normal life, so to speak, and no sport should get too involved in politics. It’s about kicking back with a beer in front of the TV and following your favorite player or team.

It’s a real shame for the fans that it’s limited now.”

Bublik: Are the players discussing the Wimbledon decision?

When asked about the mood among the players, Bublik insists the players are not discussing the Wimbledon decision.

“You seem sure we’re talking,” he said. “I’m telling you: I’m not talking to anyone. I’ve only had a few short conversations, tennis is an individual sport.

We didn’t exchange ideas about the decision Wimbledon made.” Bublik was born in Russia, but has represented Kazakhstan since 2017. Bublik insists that he no longer has Russian citizenship, adding that he is proud to represent Kazakhstan.

“I no longer have a Russian passport, because two citizenships are not allowed,” Bublik said. “I have no connection with the tennis federation in Russia. I am Kazakh and have been playing for the country for almost six years.

I am proud to represent Kazakhstan. Davis Cup, Asian Games or Olympic Games.” Bublik, 24, is set to make his fourth appearance at Wimbledon this year.

Last year, Bublik achieved his best result at Wimbledon by reaching the third round.

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