“All the boys forget where they come from” – Golf Planète

Firmly opposed to this LIV Golf Invitational Series that starts on June 9 in London, the Frenchman gave us ten minutes by phone from Hamburg where he is participating in the Porsche European Open. He is not beating around the bush after formalizing a 42-player roster that includes many of the best.

Interview by Lionel VELLA

What inspires you with this list of players who will be at the start of the inaugural LIV Golf Invitational Series tournament on June 9 in London?

she doesn’t surprise me. There are zero surprises! We hear many names circulating. Dustin Johnson, we knew it. Kevin Na, same thing… Guys like Larrazabal are sponsored by Golf Saudi. So we know they will go there.

The presence of Bernd Wiesberger, who has just played in the Ryder Cup and who may be under threat of exclusion from the DP World Tour, is perhaps more surprising, isn’t it?

When you meet the guys, it’s not surprising at all. The only surprise when I looked at this list was seeing Oliver Bekker. We played together, we talked a lot and I really didn’t think he would have that style in any way… The sad thing is that they forget. All the guys forget where they come from, how they managed to make a good living. We must not forget that, although the endowments are less important than on the PGA Tour, we still make a good living on the European Tour. They may think that the European Tour is nothing without them, when rather the opposite is true. In short, we will see if the sanctions are lowered…

I think these guys are not too needy. Your excuses are not good

There is a strong presence of South African players on this list. What do you think ?

They forget that they have been on the DP World Tour for 30 years. Without that, they would never have had access to the first division. The Sunshine Tour is great. But without the European Tour, they would never have had access to the tournaments. Never ! At some point, you still have to stop spitting in the soup. Dustin Johnson, you’re doing this for his family. But his wife is more armored than he is. I think these guys are not too needy. His excuses are not good.

And the presence of Peter Uihlein, who is the son of the president of Acushnet (Titleist, FootJoy), does it surprise you?

It is totally absurd. In this list, no player needs money. It’s just that when you start playing less well, normality wants you to move the c…! Go work harder, try to play better golf, but stop spitting on the PGA Tour. And on top of that, these guys will return to the Tour with flour in their mouths because the penalties will not be strong enough…

We imagine that was the main topic of discussion this Wednesday in Hamburg where he prepares to play the Porsche European Open…

I don’t know the guys very well, we all train… Tonight, we’ll see…

They’re going to blow their brains out with millions of dollars. Yo, it’s the way I can’t blame…

You have clearly positioned yourself against this League supported by Saudi Arabia. What state of mind are you in regarding this Tour that is about to start and that you intend to grow in the short term?

I oppose all this. I object to the way this was put together. But I have no illusions. I know the boys will succeed in building their Tower. They have a lot of money. They’re going to blow their brains out with millions of dollars. Me, it’s the way I can’t blame… Players take them from us by the millions, no world points at stake, no right of access… It’s just an absurdly paid exhibition. The last one will take $120,000… It’s crazy! There are three billion budget. Today I am more angry with the players, with the people who are going to travel to see this tournament, with the agents who have their share of responsibility… Television too… I still don’t know who will do it. broadcasting this Tour… In fact, everyone is responsible for this.

What kind of sanctions could the DP World Tour and the PGA Tour take?

There will definitely be fines. At the beginning… Later, I don’t know…

Sanctions in relation to the Ryder Cup, for guys like Ian Poulter, Lee Westwood or Graeme McDowell, do you believe it?

I think we’ll have to wait until next year. There, it is still too early to imagine anything. I think they already have ideas but we can’t change the rules during the year…

Photo: Octavio Passos/GETTY IMAGES EUROPE/Getty Images via AFP

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