Andrey Rublev blames Wimbledon for ‘total discrimination’ against Russians

Russian tennis star Andrey Rublev did not like Wimbledon’s decision to ban Russian and Belarusian players, calling it “total discrimination”.

Last Wednesday, Wimbledon announced that Russian and Belarusian players would not be able to participate in the tournament to be held this year at the All England Club. Last month, Britain’s sports minister, Nigel Huddleston, proposed that Russian players sign an “anti-Vladimir Putin document” before they can compete at Wimbledon.

Some thought then that a public denunciation by Putin might endanger Russian players in a dangerous place, and the Wimbledon organizers finally decided to ban them all, something unprecedented and terrifying at the same time when you think about the principles of non-discrimination and political neutrality. that have always defended themselves in the world of sport.

Rublev: It is a perfect discrimination

“The reasons they gave us (Wimbledon) made no sense, they were illogical,” Rublev said, France24 reports.

“What is happening now is total discrimination against us,” added the Russian athlete. Also, Rublev didn’t stop there, explaining that if Wimbledon really wanted to do some good, they could have redirected the prize money to those who needed it.

“Banning Russian or Belarusian players… won’t change anything,” Rublev continued, saying the redirection of Wimbledon’s prize pool, which last year stood at 35 million pounds ($45.6 million), It would have a much more positive effect. .

Giving full price to humanitarian aid, to families who suffer, to children who suffer, I think at least has a little more impact. Tennis will, in this case, be the first and only sport to donate such an amount, and it would be Wimbledon to get all the glory.”

Shortly after it was announced that Russian and Belarusian players would be turned away from Wimbledon, the LTA – Britain’s governing body for tennis – announced a ban on Russian players and leading figures from all UK grass-court events scheduled for this season. Belarusians like Novak. Djokovic has spoken out against the move, saying it is in fact discrimination that is both unfair and illegal.

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