Another Colosseum in Tremblay-en-France, a show canceled due to lack of public, golf at Dreux… Discover the indiscretions of the week

It has been several times that the president of Chartres Métropole, Jean-Pierre Gorges, has called the elected officials of the Agglomeration to order, in relation to their lack of presence in the acts of the institution.

premium Waste management tends the debates to the community council of Chartres Métropole

Recently, the meeting to present the governance of Chartres Métropole, scheduled for May 19, for the attention of the municipal councilors of the member municipalities of the agglomeration, was canceled “due to too low a turnout”, indicates Chartres Métropole. This meeting is postponed to September. It remains to be seen why elected officials apparently show too much absenteeism, in the eyes of the executive.


All hope is not lost that the situation will calm down between the Count of Paris and the Saint-Louis Foundation. Relations between the head of the French family and some of the leaders of the foundation in charge of looking after the property of the Orleans had soured to the point of ending up before the judges and seeing Prince Jean leave Dreux for the south of France. . wife and children. But, as in diplomatic circles, even if relations seem broken, there is still room for discussion.

premium Dreux: for the Saint-Louis Foundation, the Count of Paris “occupies” the Philidor house

The Count of Paris seems willing to find common ground so that his family will continue to have access to the royal domain of Dreux. A win-win appeasement. Starting with the city of Dreux, which he has every interest in benefiting, due to its image and attractiveness, from the presence of the Orléans family on his land. During his father’s funeral, the current Count of Paris said all the good things he thinks about the notions of harmony and forgiveness. It is undoubtedly in this state of mind that he is inclined to reconnect with the Foundation…

50% alone

We recall, Pierre-Frédéric Billet, the LR mayor of Dreux, finally supported the candidacy of Olivier Marleix, outgoing LR deputy, in the June legislative elections. It must be said “finally” because part of the municipal majority of Drouaise was rather opposed to this impulse “to a deputy who does not really show his support for the mayor of Dreux or for City or Agglo”. On Thursday night a meeting was organized between Olivier Marleix and the municipal majority. Only fifteen elected officials out of thirty participated. Some of the deputies abstained while tenors like Jean-Michel Poisson or Sébastien Leroux wanted firm commitments from Olivier Marleix. I’m not sure it’s enough to soothe the wounds that are fighting to heal…

Cancelled !

Is this a collateral effect of the health crisis, which makes it difficult for the public to return to theaters? Even so, the June 3 performance of the musical show Y a d’la joie, in Luisant, will finally not take place. The company Arc en Ciel productions, which organizes the event, invokes “disclaimers and insufficient reservations”. All tickets are refundable. Information about

Life jacket

There are twenty places to swim in Eure-et-Loir and for some, finding lifeguards can quickly become a headache. This is the case of the new Town Hall of Arrou, which fears that it will not be able to open its swimming pool this summer, due to the lack of a supervisor. The mayor, Franck Marchand, had expressed his concern during the last town hall, explaining that previous announcements so far had been in vain. He then specified that the last BNSSA holders in Eure-et-Loir had been recruited at L’Odyssée, in Chartres. “False”, replies Afasse (Eurelian Training Aquatic Rescue and First Aid Association), created in December 2020 and chaired by Michel Troadec. According to the association, if some did, in fact, find a position within the Chartres aquatic complex, this is not the case for all new patent holders. In 2021, twenty-four were trained in the department. Twenty-two participated in the exam and twenty passed. A twenty-first later graduated from another training organization. Then there would be lifeguards in the market. “And some live in the Châteaudun sector, one of them… in Arrou”, specifies Afasse to the new Commune of Arrou. All the communities would have received their coordinates.

Swann, the comeback

Swann Castle in Illiers-Combray
The Château de Swann in Illiers-Combray, which quietly opened its doors last August, will be the center of a surprising auction on June 18. That day, a wide variety of pictorial works will be offered to the public, created by three hundred Chinese children between the ages of 3 and 15. More unusual, each artist author of a sold painting will receive, as a bonus, an NFT (non-fungible token) attached to their work and the person of it.

Discover Swann Castle in Illiers-Combray and its impressive blood-red chapel

A golf course and Deauville

Mayor LR de Dreux absolutely wants the reconstruction project on the site of the old sanatorium to be successful, above all to succeed in attracting a wealthy population. It does not skimp on means or arguments. Pierre-Frédéric Billet, after mentioning Dreux’s proximity to Paris many times, has just pulled another shocking argument out of his pocket: “Dreux is only an hour and a half from Deauville. “Not fake and more on the good side. When he leaves Dreux on Friday night for the coast, he avoids the traffic jams on the A13 at the exit of the capital. Same story for Sunday night returns. In terms of resources, the mayor of Dreux plans to invest in a golf practice near the Bas-Buissons area. A proposal that he made to the general director of the History and Heritage group, visiting the site, with his sales team.

A new stage in the transformation of the old Dreux sanatorium

Drawing: Michel Fily
The wait ended on Friday afternoon. The government of Elisabeth Borne has been revealed, and this Monday she will hold her first council of ministers. If Le Maire, Darmanin or even Dupond-Moretti are among the confirmed heavyweights, National Education’s Pap Ndiaye is a surprise.

Younger brother

On May 3, Jean-Pierre Gorges, Mayor of Chartres and President of Chartres Métropole, and Karine Dorange, Vice President of Chartres Métropole in charge of the main facilities, revealed the name chosen for the future cultural and sports complex, under construction. the station: The Colosseum. The equipment should be delivered by the end of 2023. The Agglomeration had launched, in April 2021, a contest to determine the name of this future room. More than 1,200 proposals were received. So Le Colisée was chosen. But more than 100 km from the capital of Beauceron, another cultural and sports center will open in 2024, in Tremblay-en-France (Seine-Saint-Denis). Your name ? The Colisseum ! A project led by Paris Terres d’Envol, an inter-municipal association that brings together eight municipalities of Seine-Saint-Denis, northeast of Paris. Paris Terres d’Envol is currently carrying out a communication operation (ads in the press, etc.) to promote this future room with 9,000 seats.

And the name of the future cultural and sports complex in Chartres is…


Jérôme Bastianelli, president of the Society of Friends of Marcel Proust in Illiers-Combray, has just been selected by the jury for the Céleste-Albaret prize, which rewards a work dedicated to the author of In Search of Lost Time. His biographical essay, The Found Years of Marcel Proust, imagines the writer’s fate if he had lived past the date of his death in 1922. Will he win? Answer on June 29 at The Literary Hotel Le Swann, in Paris.


A Charttraine named among the thirteen Women of Health 2022! Pauline Oustric is rewarded for her action as president and co-founder of ApresJ20 created in Lucé in 2020. The association connects doctors, patients and researchers to advance knowledge about the long Covid. Pauline Oustric, PhD in psychobiology and engineer, is also director of research for MyRobotics. This medical start-up is developing a taste sensitivity measurement tool to facilitate the diagnosis or management of diabetes or Covid.

With Nicholas Sarkozy

Elisabeth Meyblum, candidate for Les Républicains in the 4th constituency, was received this Monday by the former Head of State, Nicolas Sarkozy, at his offices on rue Miromesnil, in Paris. She was accompanied by her campaign manager, Maxime Thévenon. “It was a privileged moment in which we discussed at length, stresses the Dunoise radiologist. I felt very attentive. Élisabeth Meyblum says that she has “discussed the proposals” that she intends to make as a deputy, if she is elected, “particularly in terms of reindustrialization and fighting against the absence of doctors” in the Dunes territory. “He encouraged me and gave me advice on certain topics. This visit is surprising, since Nicolas Sarkozy refused to support Valérie Pécresse in the presidential elections before calling, in the second round, to vote for Emmanuel Macron. “Despite the particular political situation, he is still the founder of my political family and a former president of the Republic with some experience. He is a great politician, ”says Élisabeth Meyblum.


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