At Gestel, disc golf is a fun sport – Quéven

Have you been a member of the Quévenois club for a long time?

Since 2016, Aelig joins me to laugh and gets into the game, she has been a member since 2018. Morgan has just started. We can play in our free time, but the competition brings a lot. If you’re not strong, it doesn’t matter. In the competition there is a mix of champions with neophytes, old with young, you learn a lot and it is very friendly.

Who can play it?

Disc golf is a complementary sport. Old people could easily like it and play with their children, their grandchildren. They are three young people in Quéven, including Aelig who is 16 years old.

Is it sporty?

For the last competition the route was 8 km. Of course we feel our legs and our arms, we have to concentrate, there is real tiredness. We are making fast progress, but we have to repeat. Every Saturday, starting at 9:30 a.m., we meet at Parc de Kerzec. The field that is installed there has twelve holes, but you can install mobile baskets anywhere. Everyone can come to see and try, it’s so much fun.


Disc golf is played like golf, but instead of throwing a ball with a club, the disc golfer throws a disc (frisbee) using arm strength. This fun, ecological and popular sport is accessible to everyone from the age of ten. Such. 06 73 78 04 39 or email: [email protected]

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