At the US Open, saving the house that golf built – Reuters Sports News

As Brookline home prices soared for decades, some members of the nearby club, a founding member of the United States Golf Association, worried about what might happen if the property was bought and rebuilt. Years ago, for example, what had been the family barn next to the Ouimet house was sold, rebuilt, and turned into condominiums.

“If you let them tear that house down,” club historian Fred Waterman said of the Ouimet house in an interview last month, “you’ve let go of a very important part of American sports history… »

Country Club member Tom Hynes, who has Boston real estate experience dating back to the 1960s, befriended the home’s owners, Jerome and Dedie Wieler, shortly after moving to the neighborhood in 1989. Hynes lives nearby and saw the Wielers walking. your dog almost daily.

“When you’re ready to sell your house,” Hynes told the couple, “I’m your buyer. »

The Wielers replied that they were not selling and were curious as to why Hynes wanted it. Hynes explained Ouimet’s story to the Wielers, who knew nothing about golf. But the Wielers were intrigued by a moving story.

“One day, maybe 20 years from now, maybe you’ll sell out and let me know,” Hynes said, adding that he would call the Wielers once a year. “I just wanted the house to go back to golf. »

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