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In the world of golf, women are still a minority: on the courses first, but also in national or regional bodies, in positions of responsibility within golf courses, in specialized companies, etc.

A young, talented woman, passionate about golf, with extensive experience in the sector, decided to react and embark on a project whose objective is clear: to be the female voice/form of golf.

Her name is Aude Bredel and she created GolfHER, a digital medium that Golf Planète recommends you quickly visit.

We met Aude who explains to us why one day she decided to embark on this adventure.

Services and products to meet the needs of women

The figures for the presence of women in golf are eloquent: 27% of women golfers in France, very few golf directors (12%) or members of national or regional institutions, etc. So you decided to react by creating the digital media GolfHER. But first, a question to get to know you better: what has been your relationship with golf until today?

Aude Bredel: I have been linked to golf since I was born, since I lived on a golf course. I started playing golf at the age of 7 and was the only girl in my group (photo below).

I learned to play like a child trying to hit the ball hard. I was starting from the same beginning as them, because otherwise I didn’t feel like I was playing the same game as them.

Around the age of 14, I was selected for the France Espoir group. It was then that I understood what high-level sport was, it was no longer the same and I walked away from the game.
However, golf caught up with me in college. I was offered to play on the college team and that is where I chose to focus my career in the business of golf. I was a tournament manager, club builder, proshop manager, assistant manager and then golf and restaurant manager.
Here I am, an entrepreneur on a mission that is very important to me, still in golf!

Your environment GolfHER wants to establish a bridge between women and the world of golf, in all its aspects: athletes, amateurs, professionals, business, institutional, relational. Who are you talking to?

Aude Bredel: GolfHER is more of a female voice/voice in the world of golf.

From a sporting perspective, we want to meet the needs of all players and show them golf through the eyes of the community.
Our goal is to win new golfers, win back fallen golfers who have given up for known reasons, and retain more current players.

From an institutional and relational point of view, GolfHER is positioned as a label. I offer stakeholders (teachers, golf courses and suppliers) turnkey solutions to develop products and services that meet the needs of women.

From a professional point of view, I will quickly offer women a business formula that will help them evolve more easily in the world of golf.

From a digital point of view, GolfHER offers the website that brings together the online community, future services and editorial content. It is a tool for women to meet in the field.

Free access on

What is the content of your offer? How to register? It’s paying?

Aude Bredel: The GolfHER community can be accessed for free at Each can for example:

– eager to unite to gain ground for women’s golf,

– Find players to play with anywhere in France, even abroad,

– immerse yourself in the world of women’s golf, still unknown to some, by following the news of registered players, through exchanges in discussion groups,

– read content written by golf experts.

Starting next year we will be offering a Premium subscription that will allow women to access a network of golf courses, instructors and providers that meet female-friendly specifications. It is about being able to give players the possibility of choosing between the golf they know and golf designed for women, with attractive services and offers.

While preparing your project, did the observation of women and golf in different countries lead you to perceive disparities? Why ?

Aude Bredel: In France, the proportion of women golfers is above the world average (26.9% compared to 24% worldwide); that is good, but we cannot congratulate ourselves on such low figures.
The trend of wanting to officially bet on a more inclusive golf worldwide dates back to 2018, with the call of the foot of the Royal & Elder. The women in golf charter aims to further engage federations and organizations to take action on behalf of women. GolfHER is a signatory of this letter and our main mission is to work for the development of women’s golf in all its forms and to support the greatest number in this direction.

Only 6% of women in professional golf groups!

We forget that the champions have brought glory to golf in France: Simone Thion de la Chaume, Lally Segard, Catherine Lacoste, Marie-Laure de Lorenzi, Anne-Marie Palli, and today Céline Boutier… What are the barriers that, even today, hinder the presence of women both on golf courses and in positions of responsibility?

Aude Bredel: The champions suffer from the lack of media coverage. They have much lower incomes than their male counterparts, although their expenses are just as high. In a tournament of the same level of the Open de France type, in 2019, the champion won 6 times less.

As for leisure golf, there are many avenues to explore and today we know the obstacles that women encounter. These are some of them: the total cost of golf, playing time too long, lack of friends to play with, inadequate technical learning, family obligations, etc.

As for positions of responsibility, having evolved in the golf professions, we find ourselves in a predominantly male universe. We are on average 6% registered in professional groups (ADGF, PGA, AGREF).
When I applied for positions of responsibility, they already asked me several times if I had plans to have children.
As a director, I faced men who questioned my abilities just because I was a woman.
The more we highlight the women who have evolved in the world of golf, the more you will want to follow them.
The more we train and give women confidence, the more they will dare.

When will you be able to say that GolfHER has been successful?

Aude Bredel: When parity is reached in the game, among the professionals and in the positions of responsibility in the sector!

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