Benoît Paire shared the tweets of his haters after his loss in Estoril!

Benoît Paire was present at the Estoril tournament in Portugal, but his adventure ended sooner than expected: in the first round he was defeated by the Korean Kwon, number 71 in the world, with a score of 4-6, 5-7.

A result that angered not only the player but also the bettors. After the loss to Kwon, Paire posted numerous screenshots of conversations he had with punters and (allegedly) his compatriots on social media, especially Twitter.

There’s no real dialogue, just an outburst from the fan and the gambler: “You’re wasting everyone’s money. But what possessed me to bet on you, you’re a fake gambler.” This was written by a certain JOHN, but he is not the only one.

The tennis player, number 60 in the world, has decided to publish the messages that many accounts have sent him in private conversations about lost bets due to his defeats.

“You are a shameful Frenchman,” someone writes. “You’re the king of shit,” another urges, “you’re a dead man,” and even louder insults are hurled.

After a series of published screenshots, where the offenses are repeated in different ways, but with the same background, the outburst about Paire ends with a simple tweet from him: “Does this seem normal to you?”

Paire’s gesture after the defeat

The publication on the French tennis player’s social networks, in reality, is just a vent that starts from the field, where Paire has become the protagonist in another way.

After Estoril’s first round loss to Swon, the crowd began booing the defeated tennis player. This action was immediately followed by a reaction: Paire turned to the audience as he left and showed off his underwear.

With this gesture, the redemption that he had announced during the Monte Carlo Masters 1000 has not yet come: to date, he only has three wins, against eleven losses.

Of these three wins, two came at the Australian Open: first-round win over Monteiro and second-round win over Dimitrov. The course on Australian soil was then interrupted by Stefanos Tsitsipas, who nevertheless conceded a set to his opponent.

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