Carlos Alcaraz talks about his fame and his parents’ approach at home.

Carlos Alcaraz is quickly establishing himself as one of the best players on the ATP Tour, but he insists he doesn’t consider himself famous. Alcaraz, 18, is doing amazing things, as he is a Masters champion and a top 10 player.

In addition, Alcaraz is often compared to Rafael Nadal, one of the greatest players in tennis history. “I handle it pretty well. I tell everyone that I don’t consider myself famous.

When people recognize me, I take it very well,” Alcaraz said in El Hormiguero, quoted by the ATP Tour website.

Juan Carlos Ferrero is doing a good job with Alcaraz

Ferrero, the 2003 Roland-Garros champion, has taken Alcaraz under his wing and the former World No. 1 is working hard and showing discipline.

At first, Ferrero’s approach was not easy for Alcaraz, but today he appreciates it because it is bearing fruit. “The team is there to talk to me about bad things and even if it frustrates me, it’s better for me,” admitted Alcaraz.

“It was difficult at first. I was very difficult. Juan Carlos had a hard time, because I was very disorganized. And I still am, just a little less!

I didn’t control my emotions well and I didn’t have a cool head.” In the eyes of many, Alcaraz is a tennis star. At home, Alcaraz is still a young man. “Of course, my parents take care of the money.

To buy myself golf clubs, a sport that I love, I don’t ask for their permission, but I do it for a good car. I’m still fighting that. My dad is tougher and my mom is tougher, so to go out and things like that, I tell my mom,” Alcaraz said.

I don’t have to come home at a specific time, but they always tell me, “Don’t be home late.” As much as I try not to make any noise when I get home, I always wake them up and they surprise me.”

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