Cobra AIR-X irons and hybrids are an option to consider!

In addition to woods, Cobra announced the release of a series of irons and a hybrid of the AIR-X family. Lightweight club designs with offset lofts promote easier launch and it increased the distance perfectly at a moderate rate of turn.

There is no doubt that the range AIR-X will find its audience when it launches in March 2022. Even if you don’t have a lot of swing speed, the light irons and hybrids AIR-X It will help you gain ease and length.

A new iron head design.

The choice of the materials that make up the head or the grip has made it possible to obtain an ultralight stick. A significant gram saving that aids the engineers of the AIR-X series of irons in their quest for maximum forgiveness and high shot trajectories achieved through a wide internal cavity, low center of gravity and more open lofts.

is the system PWR-COR with its central steel bar that positions the center of gravity behind the strike zone to transfer more power to the ball. It’s made entirely from a flexible polymer that allows the face and sole to flex freely while maintaining an exceptional level of feel.

Face PWRSHELL large dimension guarantees great distance even on off-center hits. Combined with lower lofts, these irons AIR-X will facilitate contact while the offset hosels will reduce cut for straighter balls and penetrating trajectories.

5 AIR-X hybrids

Extravagant hossel and lightness are also the strengths of the 5 utility clubs offered in this range. They feature a new face design and come in five openings for straighter ball flights when fighting the cut.

Option, availability and price

The AIR-X irons for men will be available in 5 to VP with ULTRALITE graphite shaft 50 g in rigid and regular and 45 g in lite. In women, they will be offered iron. 6 SW with ULTRALITE graphite shaft 45g

The male hybrids will be accessible only in right-handed with three types of rigidity, regular or light, and six different lofts. 3H (19°), 4H (22°), 5H (25°), 6H (28°), 7H (31°)

For the ladies, you will have to choose between the 4H (23°), 5H (26°), 6H (29°) Y 7H (32°).

Its launch is scheduled for March 11th and the price of the set of irons should be around 699€ or 219€ the unit per hybrid.

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