Collin Morikawa’s ‘worst’ career move?

Considered one of the best ball hitters on tour, Collin Morikawa is not immune to a big miss as in this second shot of 11, the first par 5 of the Players round, which the American was forced to play in the rain . on Friday.

If you want irrefutable proof that the rain is the enemy of the golfer, take a look at the video of Colin Morikawa below.

The American, who had not been able to complete his first lap on Thursday due to a delay caused by bad weather, showed up early on Friday morning in better condition. But when he arrived at 11, the rain was falling again.

After a good neutral serve on the drive, which allowed him to find the right half of the fairway, he wanted to go for the green at 2, located just over 200 meters away.

Unfortunately for him, he ended up far from the green after hitting one of the worst shots of his career. A top that reminds us how versatile this game is.

The ball traveled just 90 yards into the rough in front of him. And, miraculously, he avoided the penalty area!

Despite this unfortunate episode, Collin Morikawa managed to save the pair. He hit the green on his 4th shot and returned a nice putt from just under 15 feet.

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