Cyril Bouniol, when life hangs in the balance

He set foot in France on Wednesday, June 8. In full “social action” in Paris airports. Welcome to the country! cyril bouniol For the occasion, he removed the last air transport label attached to his golf bag and which dated from August … 2021.

The Frenchman, 34 years old and a resident for several years in willow park (Texas)starts this wednesday from French Championship scheduled until Saturday at Medoc. Will continue next week pleneuf (22) by’Brittany Open before concluding his return to his homeland in Vaudreuil (July 7-10). Two French stages of challenge tour.

the French Golf Federation (FFG) he granted me a medical exemption, that’s why I was able to enter these three tournamentsexplains the Tarbais. I left the Challenge Tour in 2016. I did a breakneck season in 2019 to play theFrench Open at Golf National after my top 5 on Chinese PGA Tour. In the Médoc, I will share the room with edward dubois. It will be good to see friends again… »

Shaky hands, mood swings, insomnia…

Their happy reunion might never have happened. The former student ofAbilene Christian University in fact, he has experienced very serious health problems that began during the first half of 2021. He was then a member of the Korn Ferry Tourthe antechamber of the PGA Tour. ” The Tour put a bit of pressure on us to get vaccinated against Covid. I had my first dose at the end of February. For the second, I had to wait 4 to 5 weeks… If for the first I had felt nothing, except a little pain in my arm, for the second, on the other hand, I had a high fever for two days. And that’s when it started to go wrong… »

Shaky hands when putting without the slightest explanation, mood swings, insomnia more and more frequent. In short, sensations that she had never experienced before. Then they tell him that these are just anxiety attacks, the kind that professional golfers can encounter during their career…

I’ve had times when I was up to my neck in debt, with a lot of pressure, and I never felt that warms up No, really, I felt something was wrong. And as the weeks went by, it got worse. »

In the Trackman it was barely going 100 miles per hour (160 km/h). He no longer had strength. At night, I no longer slept!

Around the months of June and July, dispute a test of the PGA Tour Latin America. In Mexico. It’s really hot. After only six holes, it is impossible to continue a normal course. Pain in the muscles. Horrible. Again accompanied by tremors, especially in the hands. A few weeks later, in his last Korn Ferry Tour tournament, he couldn’t take it anymore…

There I looked at my shopping cart and told him “Sorry, I can no longer walk. » I felt like I was swinging 200% when I hit two shorter clubs. In the Trackman, I was barely going 100 miles an hour (160 km/h). I no longer had strength. At night, I no longer slept! »

Resting heart rate of 170-175

Due to the pandemic, Cyril Bouniol had not yet introduced his son, Luka, who is now 2 years old, to his parents. He decides to return to France. But still nothing goes according to plan.

He had a resting heart rate of 170-175.points out. I felt I had the Parkinson’s disease. I told my wife “It’s going to give me a heart attack”. Therefore, the journey was extremely difficult. I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t carry my son anymore… When I arrived in France, I went to the emergency room in Bayonne. I was diagnosed with a disease of the immunodeficient system… It affected my thyroid. It is responsible for many hormonal relationships with the pituitary gland. That’s why I couldn’t concentrate, I had these mood swings, this insomnia… It had attacked both the heart and the brain. However, when you look at my history over the past year, I haven’t had any emotional shocks that could have triggered an abnormality in my immune system. Apart from this vaccine… »

At the hospital they did a battery of tests on more than 50 different substances. Because they thought he was drugged, that he hid it from everyone…

The worst is yet to come. Under treatment, she came out of the emergency room after four days, but began to lose all of her motor skills. She can no longer utter a single word. Back in the ER, this time in Tarbes, where she lapsed into a coma for just under a week.

I did one thyrotoxicosisa kind of deliriumhe continues. I no longer had control of my body. Of this period, I do not remember anything. At the hospital they did a battery of tests on more than 50 different substances. Because we thought that I was taking drugs, that I was hiding it from everyone… In fact, we couldn’t explain what I had. I stayed there ten days. Of course, I couldn’t get on the plane. They wanted me to stay for at least three months, but after four weeks my wife came for my son and she finally helped me travel. It was early October. »

A mortality rate of almost 70%

Miraculously, his health stabilized somewhat. Doctors began to regulate her thyroid since last April. But her ordeal continues daily. For three nights and four days she could not sleep. Despite the sleeping pills.

Apparently I am an extreme case.analyze. They asked me to sign documents for my case to be considered. Hyperthyroidism in men is a very rare case. There is a mortality rate of almost 70% when you have thyrotoxicosis. The fact that I got out isn’t bad enough, but mostly with very little after-effects… Even if I still have a heart rate of 100-110 at rest. »

Between November and December 2021 he had lost 20 kilos. While eating normally, that’s the crazy thing.

I have a monthly blood test. The drug is quite harmful to the liver. So we check that my thyroid hormones are okay. I should have had radiation to burn my thyroid, but the concern is that I couldn’t have been in contact with my son for a month, being radioactive. We rule out this option and the operation remains, that is, the ablation of the thyroid. But that means being on hormones for the rest of your life. I’m waiting for the end of the year to see if we do the operation… »

In this true Way of the Cross a ray of hope appears. Nonetheless. Since March, Cyril Bouniol can resume the sport. Gently. Cycling, three to four times a week for 30 minutes. Some squat exercises as well. But without weight.

I got tired very quicklybreathe. I also started doing nine holes again, walking. But in an ultra light way. Between November and December 2021 he had lost 20 kilos. While eating normally, that’s the crazy thing. But by stabilizing my thyroid, I gained back almost 30 pounds in three and a half months… »

No medical exemption on the Korn Ferry Tour

He is also finding his way back into the competition. Two mini-tours in March in the United States (more than two tours), by cart, but still with some difficulty to finish…” I did another one, which was reduced to two laps because of the storms, and I finished 11th. I made correct scores by not being at 100% at all. »

Without any medical exemption on the Korn Ferry Tour – “ he was rejected, because he supposedly had played too many tournaments, he explains. The problem is that I continued to play feeling bad, while I did a blood test without testing my thyroid. My blood results were normal with a couple of deficiencies, but it was a low test. I kept playing with a doctor who told me it was just anxiety… – addresses the French Golf Federation. Hence his presence in France for the next four weeks…

Two important things have happened to me in the last two years. The birth of my son and this disease that broke out and where I almost stayed there.

I thought it would be a good test, a good way to see how my body reacts and how I react mentally… Professional golf is very difficult when you are at 100%, then when you are not, it is even more difficult. »

So he hasn’t abdicated yet. Away from. the Korn Ferry Tour 2023 Map PQ1 start in September. And he plans to participate. Despite the $6,000 registration…

I won’t do them just to do themconcludes. If I feel like I can be competitive and get my card, of course I’ll be 100% into it. But if I feel like I’m struggling to finish four laps, there’s no room for mediocrity. My presence in France is a way to restart the machine and then continue in the US in July with open statessince mini towers and try to get to September with seven or eight tournaments under my belt and see if I feel capable. But for the first time in my life, it’s also where I realized that if my golf dreams don’t come true, it’s not such a bad thing. Two important things have happened to me in the last two years. The birth of my son and this disease that broke out and where I almost stayed there. »

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