David Leadbetter helps a young Ukrainian golfer escape the war

The story reported in the American media. world golf publication tells how an article that appeared in golf summary decided the famous coach David Leadbetter to do everything possible to get out a young 15-year-old Ukrainian player, who had taken refuge with his family in the basement of his building in kyiv.

A few days after the start of the fighting, misha golod he was contacted by the American magazine to which he sent photos and a video. He explains that he has been living in the basement of his building with his relatives for a week.

He recounts the dull sound of the shelling and, in an attempt to distract himself, trains on his mat.

This young Ukrainian amateur player is no stranger to those who closely follow the performances of amateur players around the world.

In January, a few weeks before the war, Misha Golod took sixth place in the Junior Orange Bowl in the course of Biltmore Golf Course, in Coral Gables, Fla. The tournament in which France’s Vairana Heck won second place for the girls.

446th in the world amateur ranking, Misha is a great hope for Ukrainian golf but that is not what convinced him David Leadbetter get him out of the hell of war to come to Florida.

A long trip

After being contacted by the American coach, Misha and his parents decided that the best thing they could do was to help him leave his country.

Several subordinate authorities mobilized to finance the project, but above all Misha and her mother, Vita, took all the risks to flee kyiv and reach Budapest by car from the Ukrainian capital.

Arriving in Hungary, they arrived in London and landed last Friday in Orlando, where they are expected to be received by David Leadbetter’s assistant. Misha should be able to attend correspondence school and play junior tournaments in the next few days.

Oleg, Misha’s father, stayed behind to fight…

Photo @mishagolod228

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