Donald Trump announces through an official press release… a hole in one!

The 45th president of the United States, owner of numerous golf courses in the world, with an index of 2.8 in 2016, achieved a hole in one last weekend at the Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens ( Florida). A “feat” that the former resident of the White House relayed in an official press release. That’s all !

Passionate about golf -he would have played 261 games, or one every 5-6 days, during his tenure- donald trump triumphed last weekend in one of his tours, the Trump International Golf Club situated in Palm Beach Gardens (Florida), a hole in one. A feat signed on the par 3 of hole 7, a 162-meter 5-iron shot with a “headwind”. Not bad for a player who is now 75 years old.

So proud, Donald Trump was quick to release a press release to validate what every golfer, professional or amateur, dreams of one day achieving. His Director of Communications, taylor budowichHe even immortalized the scene, although by way of images we only see the former president of the United States going to retrieve his ball at the bottom of the hole.

In this same statement obviously written in the first person, Trump specified that he shared his friendly side with the South African. Ernie Elsmultiple winner in Grand Slam tournaments, and the Americans gene sauerswinner of Senior US Open, ken duke Y good mikeall former residents of the PGA Tour today in the champions tour.

A lot of people ask this, so I’ll tell you: Yes, it’s all 100% true! There are many rumors and everyone seems to want to know the facts. (…) The ball bounced twice before going into the hole (…) I will not tell you who won the game because I am just a modest individual (sic), And everyone would say I’m bluffing I don’t like people who brag. »


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