“Estrosi and Ciotti confiscate the debate”, considers Frank Khalifa, RN candidate in the 5th constituency of the Alpes-Maritimes

Country golf in Nice meets. Then cancelled. Finally, Frank Khalifa, RN candidate in the 5th constituency, preferred Carrefour Lingostière. “This place is the most revealing of what society is. There we find all the needs of people and their behavior in relation to these needs”, argues the 61-year-old Toulouse native, university professor and writer specializing in secularism. He introduces himself as “the nicest candidate in this campaign,” scratching some opponents in passing: “Poor Madame Brenier who does not know how to deal with Madame d’Intorni, who is very aggressive” Y “Philippe Benassaya, the environmentalist who kills trees by pasting dozens of posters everywhere, but I’ve already told him and it was bad, I don’t want to add.”

You are new to politics, when did you get your card in the National Rally?

I’m not a card holder, but I did meet Gilbert Collard. He had interviewed me for my book Difficile laïcité. Then I met a magnificent man, Louis Aliot, a man of great loyalty. Then I got a call from Marine Le Pen who offered me the 5th constituency.

Are you clearly a parachute?

I’ve been living in Nice for a month… near the golf course. The word parachuted is a double fault. Legally and constitutionally. The deputy is a representative of the people. Of the other candidates I could say that they are driven by political personalities. I do not belong to any local movement. I finance my own campaign. I put up my posters by myself. I want to cost the state as little as possible.

We don’t see you much in the field…

Oh yes, today I know the country like the back of my hand. From Saint-Dalmas to Vésubie, via Levens-Tourrette (sic). Furthermore, what I saw in Vésubie was an absolute tragedy. I saw families completely destroyed, not compensated, I saw how the individual is left alone to face his misfortune.

Louis Aliot presented him as a specialist in secularism who can face the fight against Islamo-Gauchism head-on…

And I had added against Islamodroitisme too. In France, we are not as secular as they say… Especially when you see the advance of Islamism, especially in Nice. The numbers of Islamism are maddening. The Nice attack, a woman raped by a Tunisian migrant 10 days ago on rue Arson, despite thousands of cameras. And we are under migratory pressure from thousands of illegal immigrants every day through Ventimiglia. At Les Moulins, as at L’Ariane, we see garments that can at least be a vector of a community ideology, at most an Islamist one. But there is also the language. And in Les Moulins, it’s even more serious, there are papers everywhere on the floor, it denotes a certain way of life. And the older ones are no longer there, between that and drug trafficking everywhere.

You want another type of company, but which one?

The other day I saw a woman veiled from head to toe, I asked a young lady next door, but do you mind? She said no… I would approach a veiled woman if she had a problem, of course, but I think we need clarity, to rediscover our national identity. I don’t understand why feminists don’t scream for example when they beat up women on the street in Saudi Arabia. We have to put everything back in balance. Even between girls and boys. I see it at school, the girls work, the boys are more reserved, less efficient. Children are in danger because of the excess of feminism. For example, women are beaten and it is monstrous, but out of 10 beaten women there are three men. It also has to be said.

How are things going in RN with the tensions within the federation?

Outside of solidarity, inside it is each one for his own… But it is the same everywhere. In any case, I carry Marine Le Pen’s ideas loud and clear, I like her very much, she is someone who is very misunderstood by the opponents. They misbehave with her. If she were Jewish, she would say that is anti-Semitism.

And politically, how do you analyze the 5th constituency?

I see the mayors, the elected officials squeezed between Estrosi and Ciotti. They are afraid of losing their scholarship. . And finally I am also caught in a pincer movement between Madame Brenier and Madame D’Intorni. Estrosi and Ciotti confiscate the debate, my two opponents confiscate the debate.

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