Golf at the service of your personal development, finding your element

We are all born with capabilities natural. Along the water, we in develop Some detriment others, and not always for the better reasons. we end up like this itself “Lose sight of”, to think devoid of talent and get away from our Goals. Us not soaps Plus so whose we are Really, what are our needs and resources, because we do not have lost ” our element “. Let’s find the living source flowing In us.

Hole 3 of the Albatross owes its name to the Mérantais, the stream that borders this long and difficult par 5. This is the moment to remember with Bruce Lee, that it is better to be “smooth like water” than strong as a rock. travel the distance from the tee to the green. But the main thing is that you find your “element”, the one in which you feel “like a fish in water”.


Senior champion and coach of hopes, Thomas Levet is a very natural player who knows perfectly the virtues of hard work, benchmarking and mental preparation. Through very eloquent images, the one who is also a Golf + commentator teaches us how to overcome our limits, in particular, finding the right model to overcome, because with direction and determination everything is possible:

“When I talk to young people, I teach them above all to build the player they want to be. In the coach project, it is always the player who must be at the top of the pyramid. It is he who must choose what business he wants to build, who he wants to become. Then comes the question of how to achieve this. The role of the coach is to provide the players with the weapons they need to achieve their dream, but it is up to them to choose the project and the ingredients, it is up to them to define the company they want to be, then compare themselves with the competition. From there, the player begins to question and seek answers himself: that’s the most important thing. For example, Charles Larcelet [dont Thomas s’occupe] You’ll notice that Rory doesn’t hesitate in any of his moves, when he hesitates half the time. At this point, there may also be mental work to do. »


These elements of comparison serve as a basis for reflection and as a work program. They are extremely valuable, because at the highest level, the difference between the first and the second is played out in minute details, little things that make you lose, little extras that make you win a lot.

This is what Thomas calls looking in the mirror: “If I tell you I’m six feet tall and have hair, that’s not going to work! You have to be objective: what can I do with what I have? There are always many ways to achieve your ends, and not always on the ground. Recovery is a very easy area to work on: don’t drink, don’t smoke, sleep better. These are simple little tricks that can allow you to improve and compete with other players, without using the same weapons as them. »

We’re under the impression that the world number 1 never misses a shot, but that’s not true!

Thomas Levet


Sometimes the problem is not preparation, recovery or organization, but a more psychological difficulty, a cognitive bias that, for various reasons, distorts our perception of reality…

“We have the impression that the number 1 in the world does not miss a shotThomas explains, but it’s fake! He also misses a lot of shots, which we don’t necessarily show on TV! You really have to relativize. The transmission of knowledge means telling young people that everything is possible. Too bad you can play your first three holes and birdie the next fifteen! I always tell the kids that if I did it, they can do it too. They have even more means to do it: more technology, more help around the world, more referrals. They can dive into a larger and more interesting pool of possibilities. »


Technical, physical, mental, strategy: all performance factors are important. “To succeed at the highest level, at least one of your strengths has to be way, way, way above the rest, and the other two have to be at least average.”Thomas Levet believes.

This strong point must become completely automatic, you must be able to rely on it in a totally fluid, simple, obvious way, without friction or interference. Under pressure or not, Dustin Johnson balances his drives on the fade perfectly, with confidence, without asking any more questions. He prepares on the practice mats, on the courses, in competition and between the two ears. The best are always very strong mentally.


Comparison is not reason, but progress cannot be made without lucidity, awareness and effort. What are your objective strengths and weaknesses?

Identifying who you really are, using a symbolic or human mirror, will help you to be benevolent and lucid with yourself.

But beware of distorting mirrors, cognitive biases that can disturb your perception of reality, such as the dreaded “confirmation bias” that makes you perceive only what you want to see in order to satisfy your “need for coherence.”

It is always relevant to take a model that is as similar as possible to you, with which to compare yourself, to challenge yourself. In business, we practice this exercise thanks to benchmarking and with the classic SWOT matrix (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) for marketing: “Compared to this competitor, what do I have more? What am I missing? Can I really compare myself to him? How could you do it better or differently? »

Champions have this ability to self-assess to adjust and perform optimally, without being thrown off balance thanks to their superior knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses. They have this ability to govern themselves by setting the mainsail of their strengths at time T.

This requires some daily attention to your feelings, your thoughts, your emotions, your personal dashboard, your mastery of the universals of mental preparation: Relaxation, Suggestion, Concentration, Activation, Feedback offered by many operational tools.

We always win by relying on our strengths, our “element”, our natural preferences. Reinforce what works for you both technically and mentally.


If you want to know more, you will find “The Albatross, course of life”*, in your bookstore or on online trading platforms.

If you cannot put into practice the advice I give you here, depending on your problem, within the framework of personalized support, whatever your level (from beginner to professional), I have many specific exercises to offer you, such as a “brain osteo “, gently unblock what gets stuck mentally: [email protected]


Your progress depends on your strategic and psychological approach to the course, which is why we invite you to consider each golf course as a journey of initiation. And this trip, we suggest you do it in the mythical National Golf course, the Albatros:

Episode 1: GO – Gain momentum
Episode 2: LANDING – Finding your mission

* The Albatross, life course, Amphora editions by JCh Buchot, strategy and mental preparation coach, with the support of ffgolf. More information about:

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