Golf champions in flying saucers

Between frisbee and golf, it’s disc golf. His French championship took place this weekend at the Parc de Monsalut, with 90 participants. “The rules are those of golf, with 18 holes, replaced by baskets (or baskets), braided with metal, generally planted in the ground, marking a course to be completed in a minimum of shots”, explains Laurent Lanneluc, secretary of Cestas de disc golf.

a difficult trip

“Our club is young, because this discipline is new in France. “And he had to rake a lot to get together 13 members, none of whom are Cestadais, apart from Michel Appriou, a specialist… in the boomerang. But this sport, which is based a lot on skill and a little on strength, brings together enthusiasts who have not hesitated to tour the country with their discs. “They were not disappointed,” says the president, Céline Aubé (4me in your class). “They enjoyed a magnificent course and one of the most difficult in France, in good weather. »

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