GOLF D’AUTUN: Goulven Poudelet wins the Captain’s Cup

In golf, the “play captain”, assisted by the other members of the sports committee, ensures the smooth running of the events that are played on site, organizes training sessions and the registration of teams for league competitions and deals with outputs and results. in relation to the French Golf Federation.
Didier Charles, captain for the second year, took charge of the organization and the financial endowment of this competition, which takes place in Stroke-Ford, a slightly more demanding formula than the usual stableford, whose winner is the one with the best gross score. .
Goulven Poudelet, a diligent and loyal player, regular on the podiums, regularly selected in Autun teams for leagues or senior competitions, won the 2022 Captain’s Cup with a score of 78 and put his name on the board.

net results

Women’s series: Martine Laurent 68, Danièle Adolphe 71, Laurence Bohy 75.
Series 1: Didier Bouthiere 66, Didier Charles 68, Norbert Dupuis 69.
Round 2: Eric Van Der Planken 65, Denis Langlois 66, Claude Wirth 70.

The captain, like every Sunday, announced the results, offered vouchers and golf accessories to the winners and the draw, as well as a rose to all the ladies present on the bistro golf terrace.
Next week, Manu Sousa will present the prizes of the 10th SOUSA RENEWAL Cup, at the Stableford Rolin field.

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