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At the age of 45, Michaël Lili, after a career in finance and banking, wanted to take on a new challenge linked to his passion: golf.
He, who also practiced tennis and triathlon at a high level, sought to develop protein bars that meet the needs of the golfer. Accompanied by an important pharmaceutical laboratory located in the south of France and working with around thirty large companies, it has developed its bars that you can find, for the moment, on its website as well as in a dozen golf courses, mainly in PACA and the Basque Country.

Golf Planète met Michaël, who introduced him to his original products.

Why did you want to invent nutritional products for golfers?

After practicing multiple sports such as triathlon or tennis, I started playing golf more than 20 years ago. I realized that nutrition is an important element in the practice of this sport. And above all that the specific offer is absent in France while we find, for example in the United Kingdom, this type of nutritional product.
I have worked with partners and specialists and now I can say that our Golf Energy range meets the needs and expectations of golfers. We already have positive feedback after the events organized on the Wintour or during the regional tournaments.

What is the originality of your products?

First to exist! Since in the French market and unlike in Great Britain, it was until then impossible to find specific products for the world of golf, whether in protein, vitamin bars or energy drinks.

Our products are designed to support long-term effort and help golfers stay focused. With vitamins and proteins.

The manufacturing takes place in a recognized pharmaceutical laboratory and all the elements are made in France.

The qualitative part and the nutritional contributions were validated by an independent dietitian nutritionist.

How do you secure your communication?

In the first place, through modern and high-end packaging, integrating the codes of golf, let’s say chic and sober.

Then through our partners and our ambassadors, such as Benjamin Fall or Sony Anderson, which you will find on the site.

Finally, and this point is important in terms of image, we are an official sponsor of the PACA Golf League.

You can also follow us mainly on Instagram (Golf_Energy_France)…

Where can they be found? And how much do they cost?

The average price of a protein bar is €2.50. They can be found on the Internet and in specialty golf stores. We will also be present at the National Golf Week.

Camille Loucheux’s opinion

dietitian nutritionist

The products for golfers offered by Golf Energy seemed very interesting to me, thanks to the following points:

– a protein intake that preserves muscle mass

– fiber for satiety and constant blood sugar

– your carbohydrate intake.

This last point is a real asset. In fact, taken in the middle of a long circuit, they will allow athletes to avoid the risk of hypoglycemia and therefore maintain their physical capacities, but also and above all psychological ones.

By avoiding hypoglycemia, they will be more accurate and able to make the right strategic decisions.

Contact: Michael Lili, 06 83 55 28 02,

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