GOLF: Good results for the women’s team and two more complicated days for the men

This weekend was the team league championship in the first division; at the Dijon Bourgogne golf course for the men’s and women’s teams at the Avoise golf course.

Last September, the women’s team got their place in the first division at the Beaune golf course, just like the men who had obtained it at their own course, in Avoise.
This weekend, the Dijon-Bourgogne golf course hosted the women’s and men’s teams of the first division. The goal was to win the title of league champion, possibly console themselves with staying in the first division, but above all avoid relegation to the second division.
With a player absent due to Covid-19 infection, the men’s team left with a handicap. In fact, he lost the possibility of having a “wild card” that did not count in the ranking, the one with the lowest score among the 6 players. Ilian Terral, Basile Pautet, Alexandre Touget, Fernando De Bastos and Florian Scatalacchia finished penultimate after the first lap. On the second day, the objective was to beat Quetigny to stay in the first division, but unfortunately, the team that saw Philippe Michaud arrive instead of Basile Pautet, who was not available, lost their match. Next year, the Avoise golf course will return to the second division.

Note that for the men, it is the Dijon Bourgogne golf course that wins the title of league champion.
The women’s team also had a difficult start. Indeed, Motoko Favre-Matsui, Martine Dubreuil, Michèle Lagrange and Françoise Dause also finished penultimate after the first round. However, on matchday two, with the arrival of Marie Ange Michaud, replacing Michèle Lagrange, who was not available, the team won all their games and saved their stay in the first division, against Roncemay’s club.
Among the ladies, the Val de Sorne golf course won the title of league champion.
See you next year to try to find the first men’s division and why not win the title of women’s league champions…

Julien ZAIDI

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