Golf: the Montauban Ladies Open promises even more fun

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From June 10 to 12, some of the best European players will return to Montauban L’Estang. Everything is ready for the show.

The Montauban l’Estang golf course is getting ready. For the third time it will host some of the best European players on the occasion of the LETAS (women’s professional golf circuit and official development circuit of the Ladies European Tour). Once again, there are three at the helm of the Tarn-et-Garonne event, Patrick Vérel and Bruno Rebeuh as organizers, and Jérôme Bottero, director of the Montauban L’Estang golf course. The first and the third prepare an initial inventory.

How is this third edition?

VP: Under the best auspices (smile). The prize money goes from 40,000 euros to 42,500 euros. This will allow us to slightly increase the level. The number of players will be 108, with a number of amateur players. With Bruno, Jérôme and the city of Montauban, we have worked hard to offer a beautiful new week of golf, with two pro-ams on Wednesday and Thursday, allowing our members, who remain so loyal but increasingly , to play with professionals.

Except these two days of pro-am will be the last?

PV: Definitely. This is a request from the LETAS circuit. Two pro-am days mobilize players at the beginning of the week. Meanwhile, this year it will be the same format as last year (smiles).

Sportingly, what should we expect?

PV: Great game as always. Montauban is the second French stage of the circuit which has 18 stages and we are about halfway through the calendar. So there will be great points to take in Montauban.
JB: With covid restrictions lifted, this will allow us to welcome many more English speaking players. This will also allow us to recreate the link with the club members who will be able to receive the players in their homes, as was the case during the first edition.

Players placed in better conditions?

PV: Absolutely. Players will be able to arrive on Tuesday and will be offered all lunches, which is not in the LETAS specifications. They will also have a player’s room at their disposal, a specific place where they can rest and eat.

What are the many novelties of the Montauban l’Estang golf course?

JB: We are in a global project. Thus we created a special space around the two lofts saved two years ago. From now on, the cars will be stored indoors, there will be a bag storage service and a patio for everything related to the event, including the MLO (smiles). On the course side, the last holes will be organized around the club house. Holes 13-14-15-16, 17 and 18 will all be accessible nearby, as will hole number 1 which remains the same. The order of the holes will also change. I think this will greatly enhance the effect of the show.
Compiled by Laurent Lasserre.

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