GolfHER: a special golf net for women

GolfHER’s mission: to develop women’s golf and provide a golfing and cultural experience tailored to the needs of women.

At the origin of this project, aude bredel, actress in the world of golf from an early age, who wanted to enrich her golfing experience and that of women. For that, she embarked on the creation of a network for you, ladies. A free platform that offers several services. First, the possibility of connecting with other golfers to find game partners and why not friends. Then access discussion groups, articles written by your group of experts, and a clearance sale to buy and sell your equipment.

We want to create an intimate space for women where they can connect. We are few in this environment, so we can quickly find ourselves alone and GolfHER will bring women together around this common passion.

aude bredelcreator of GolfHER

Therefore, GolfHER was born on November 2 and now it is up to you to join this community to make it grow. Let yourself be carried away by the experience! To join the network, click here:

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