Green Contour is an exceptional new feature in golf watches and rangefinders!

Dispose of good informations avant d’effectuer un coup en direction du green peut faire toute la différence et ce que veut offer Garmin à ses utilisateurs avec une nouvelle fonctionnalité well utile désormais avalible sur les montres, les telemètres et appli GPS compatibles de the brand.

In the absence of a caddy or a good textbook where the courses we play are perfectly mapped, it is impossible to make our decisions with full awareness of the dangers that sometimes lie in wait for us.

But that was before… Before Garmin Golf made its new mapping tool available green outline supposed to fix that!

In fact, it will now be possible to know the different slopes of a green, to choose one side instead of the other. The data on the screen can be configured to show high and low sections of the green or slope percentages along with arrows indicating direction.

Please note that Green Contour data is available through the Garmin Golf app but requires a subscription sold for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Compatible devices and available courses

Therefore, they can be viewed directly via a smartphone, but can also be downloaded to one of the following compatible Garmin devices: the GPS Approach G80, the Approach S60, S62 watches or the Approach Z82 Laser Rangefinder Y Radar approach R10.

Currently, more than 8,900 courses, mainly in North America, offer Green Contour data, but it will soon come to Europe. To check that the course you want to play is part of the list with a map of greens, you can go to the golf course locator on the Garmin site.

Latest data when buying Approach R10 Radar you get Home Tee Hero golf simulator and Green Contour data for free.

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