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This week’s golf column makes a slight change with pro Jérôme Blais’s always good advice, but this time in print and not on video.

Among other things, because the writings remain! Because the point raised by Jérôme this week is not trivial, it is even bigger: stress!

first reflex

“Golf can seem complicated and difficult to us. When things go wrong on the course and our ball shots are erratic, the first instinct is to try to correct the technical elements of our momentum.

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This is where things often get complicated when simple adjustments make all the difference. The more you try, the more tense you become and the stronger you grip the stick. It makes our arms and shoulders very tense, which breaks the flow and rhythm of momentum, which makes things worse!

When you drive your car, do you hold the steering wheel very tightly? It is actually held very lightly and sometimes even with one finger. When you hold a coffee in a paper cup, the pressure of your fingers is firm enough that the cup doesn’t slip between your hands and soft enough that you don’t crush it. In fact, many objects pass through our hands without squeezing them too hard.

for all the shots

For comparison and reference, hold your golf club like it’s the remote to change TVs, no more, no less. Be aware of the pressure of your hand holding the phone when texting. The golf grip is an important element. The position of our hands and fingers must be appropriate. Gentle pressure will allow for smooth wrist action for a better whipping effect. Relax your hands whether for tee shots, greens entrances, approach shots, bunkers, etc. In short for all shots!

Your touch and rhythm will improve. The principle of relaxed, relaxed hands also has a major effect on the quality of putts. Here’s a little exercise that will help you better control the quality of your rolls. Make turns of thirty dozen feet, paying attention only to the pressure of your hands.

Hold the stick with the dexterity of your fingertips. The effects of this exercise are likely to be quite instant! You will feel more of the pendulum of your shoulders for better control of direction and distance. All in a smooth, well-paced pendulum motion for optimal impact quality.

The most utilized

When you think about it, the putter is the most used club during a round. That is why it is important to control it. Good putts can recover a lot of shots, but bad putts can also cause you to waste a few. Want to lower your handicap, spend more time on and around the practice green for your approaches? I’m sure it’ll save a few major hits here and there.

In summary, the pressure of your hands is the first element to check when things are not going well in some facet of the game, relax and when you think that the pressure of your hands is light enough, relax even more. »

Jerome Blais (Photo: Courtesy)

In Rimouski soon

Jérôme Blais spent part of his childhood in Rimouski and regularly returns to the region as a golftrotter, a playful expression he coined to illustrate the fact that he is a traveling professional. Jérôme Blais will come to train at Club Les Saules de Rimouski at the end of June.

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professional circuits

the women of the LPGA compete in the Meijer LPGA Classic, at the Blythefield Country Club course in Grand Rapids, Michigan. at[person]’s house the men is the prestigious US Open at The Country Club course in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Postponed tournaments

Among the clubs in the region, the new version of the Val-Neigette Challenge, of the Club of the same name, in Rimouski, which was to be played next week, has been postponed to August 13. The Empress Mixed Tournament, which was to take place this weekend, is also postponed, but for July 2.

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