Hospital Foundation: The golf tournament exceeds its objective

The Notre-Dame-de-Fátima Hospital Foundation’s annual golf tournament has delivered on all its promises, despite a temperature similar to that of the English countryside. The women were in the spotlight and even the marked objective was exceeded.

In this edition, $52,305 was raised, which was carried out as usual at the Saint-Pacôme Golf Club. Of this amount, the seven mayors of Kamouraska—Louise Chamberland, Anik Corminboeuf, Nicole Généreux, Solange Morneau, Anita Ouellet Castonguay, Nathalie Picard, Nancy St-Pierre—who shared the honorary co-chair this year, raised just $8,137, while the CEO of the Maryse Pelletier Foundation had set them a goal of just $5,000.

“It was a complete meeting: the cold, the rain, but also the light and the good camaraderie. We (all golfers) went all the way! Kamouraska is known for facing challenges and we have shown it once again”, declared Anita Ouellet Castonguay, Mayor of Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska.

50% of the money raised during the tournament will go this year to the Foundation’s new Pink Fund, aimed at women’s health. The other half will be used to purchase equipment for health facilities in Kamouraska. In this sense, the Foundation will invest $130,000 over the next year.

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