How do the British receive the event?

It was dressed in a purple suit, leaning on a cane, that the 96-year-old sovereign appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Thursday. He celebrates his platinum wedding this Thursday and his 70-year reign. A record never equaled in the UK. For the occasion, he made two appearances. The first, she was accompanied by his cousin Edward of Kent, colonel of the Scots Guards, one of the elite regiments of the British Royal Guard, to attend the traditional parade tripping the color“Yeshello to colors” in French. This military meeting aims to celebrate the official birthday of the British sovereign. Some time later, the queen appeared radiant and accompanied by the entire royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family face the crowd from the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Thursday, June 2.

The crowd had been there since dawn around the palace to try to catch a glimpse of Elizabeth II. The spectators had settled in a radiant sun along the barriers of the Mall, the majestic artery that dominates the palace from where the sovereign appeared on the balcony. An event that many would not have missed for the world.

This may be the last time we see Her Majesty participate in a public event, we want to show her our gratitude. Gilbert Falconer, 65, from Scotland.

An unprecedented event for the Queen’s ardent supporters

Ascended to the throne at the age of 25 after the death of her father, George VI, on February 6, 1952, Elizabeth II is the first in the ancient history of this monarchy to display such a long reign. Her successors are unlikely to break her record. Charles, the crown prince is 73 years old, his son William will soon be 40 years old.

“Eastthis may be the last time we see Her Majesty at a public event, we want to show our appreciationGilbert Falconer, 65, from Scotland, explains to AFP.It will be difficult to replace it.“.

Such longevity is “history for the country“, abounds Daniel Marmah, 33, while waiting in a long line with his wife and two young children. According to him, the queen has “he really did a great job.

Queen's Guard parade during the parade "Trooping the Color"  at Horse Guards, London on Thursday 02 June 2022.

And many of them have set up their tents the day before so they don’t miss out on the event. I’ve come “to celebrate with my queensays David Hare, this very patriotic 61-year-old arborist, a Union Jack jacket draped over his shoulders.I’ve been to all the (royal) weddings, sometimes I stay the night“, he assures.

Only disappointment for David, Elizabeth II will not review the troops, as tradition dictates. Her mobility problems prevent her from doing so. The task falls to Prince Charles. Beyond the symbol for the fans, it is a moment of celebration for the entire country.

It’s nice to be able to party for the next four days. David Hare, a 61-year-old patriot who arrived at the camp in front of Buckingham Palace.

A welcome parenthesis across the country

The celebrations are popular throughout the country. In total, 16,000 street parties have been identified across the country, from Northern Ireland to Scotland, Wales and England. Hundreds of concerts, children’s workshops and street entertainment are also planned. And for good reason, the British government has offered two public holidays to its fellow citizens. That is “Just nice to be able to party for the next four days” David Hare says. And this, especially in these difficult times marked by “thee Covid and this sad war in Ukraine“, he adds.

After the festivities, the portfolio of the British is also a good indicator of the enthusiasm around the event. According to the Center for Retail Research, Britons are expected to spend more than £281 million (more than €330 million) on souvenirs, commemorative items and gifts for the Platinum Jubilee. “They sell like hotcakes“says Pauline Maclaran, professor of marketing and consumer research at Royal Holloway and co-author of”Royal Fever: The British Monarchy in Consumer Culture“.

Fans camp out before the start of the Queen's Jubilee weekend on Wednesday 1 June.

In addition to traditional dinnerware and cookie boxes, there are golf balls, dog leashes, scented candles, duvet covers, tote bags, pajamas, and even garden gnomes. An exclusive Jubilee Barbie doll, designed to look like the Queen, sold out as soon as it hit the market in May and is already approaching £300.

Therefore, a royal birthday sounds like good news and a good excuse to celebrate. But not everyone is of this opinion.

The crown’s inaction in the face of the climate emergency and its continued support for meat, fish and dairy.Animal Rebellion group statement behind civil disobedience action on Queen’s Jubilee Day

Dissenting voices in the face of the climate emergency

For its part, Animal Rebellion, a group linked to environmental activists Extinction Rebellion, said 25 of its supporters disrupted the parade during the “Trooping the Color” parade, a military rally dating back to 1748 and intended to celebrate the official birthday. of the British. sovereign, this Thursday morning.

In question, “the crown’s inaction in the face of the climate emergency and its continued support for meat, fish and dairy”. On Twitter, the group then “demanded that the royal lands be reclaimed”.

The event comes against a backdrop of rising energy prices, the aftermath of Brexit and a series of global crises. Some are crying fun.

Historical tribute or political fun, the parenthesis opens until Sunday and will close with the interpretation of the national anthem, “God Save the Queen”, outside the palace, by interpreter Ed Sheeran.

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