I never made sexual accusations against anyone.

Former doubles World No. 1 Peng Shuai has spoken to independent Western media for the first time since the drama unfolding around him began.

On Monday, L’Equipe published an interview with Peng. In the interview, Peng said that she was fine, that she never made sexual accusations against a former Chinese vice premier and that she never disappeared.

So many things that seem unreal given the chain of events. “First of all, I would like to thank all the ATP and WTA players, all the athletes and all the personalities in great numbers who cared about me,” Peng told L’Equipe, as reported by Sportskeeda.

“But I didn’t think there would be so much concern and I would like to know: why so much concern? I never disappeared, everyone could see me.”

Peng Shuai: It was just a misunderstanding

Peng claimed that she deleted her post on Weibo and did not remove it after Chinese authorities reacted.

“That [Mon message sur Weibo] caused a big misunderstanding in the outside world,” Peng said. “I hope we do not further distort the meaning of this post.

I never said someone sexually assaulted me.” Peng was asked why it took him so long to establish contact with the outside world.

“It’s just that a lot of people, like my friends, even from the IOC, sent me messages and it was quite impossible to reply to so many messages. But with my close friends, I always kept in close contact,” he said. .

“I also discussed it with the WTA. But, at the end of the year, the communication computer on their website was changed and many players had difficulty logging in at that time.”

Some have called on the IOC to cancel the Beijing Olympics in 2022 over the Peng controversy. “I would like to say that feelings, sports and politics are three very different things.

My love life problems, my personal life should not be mixed with sports and politics,” Peng insisted. “And sports should not be politicized because when that happens,” he continued, thus taking up the Chinese government’s argument.

“Most of the time it amounts to turning our backs on the Olympic spirit and goes against the will of the sporting world and the athletes.”

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