“I was not aware that I could be a danger to others”

On a little road A German woman died in a traffic accident involving three vehicles. At the end of the day, a tractor transports hay. Behind him, a Golf driven by the young judge this Thursday, June 16. Still behind, a BMW in which a German couple traveling back from Portugal.

Thrown 38 meters

The BMW overtakes both vehicles. But the Golf also overtakes and hits the rear of the German brand’s convertible. The latter lost control, collided with the tractor in turn, turned around and ended up 38 meters away. The passenger dies instantly in a particularly bloody scene. The couple “drives a convertible, enjoys life and everything turns into a nightmare,” continues Me Daumas, a lawyer for the victim’s family.

Justice considers that the 26-year-old is responsible for the death: she should not have overtaken when she herself was being overtaken. The defendant assured that she had checked it, but only in her interior rearview mirror and a few seconds before her. “10 seconds before the maneuver” specifies the Public Ministry.

The case is complicated for the young woman who was traveling despite having her license canceled and without insurance. “I really don’t have an excuse,” she breathes, her red bow pulled up and her glasses oversized. She had been over a year since she’d had the pink slip of hers: those around her weren’t necessarily always aware. “I didn’t want to say it because I didn’t want to be left out. »

“A vehicle, a weapon”

And despite this lack of a license, he committed, before the fatal accident, other traffic violations. He thus arrives at the trial with two mentions in his file and a strong feeling of guilt. “I was not aware that I could be a danger to others.”

“A vehicle is a weapon,” prosecutor Orlane Yaouanq told him. She reminds him of the basics of her: she shouldn’t have been on this path, without permission. The Public Ministry thus requested two years in prison against her.

Almost unlike the young woman who “expects to be punished”, her lawyer Me Julien Marco had asked for her freedom. He blames the German driver of the BMW who was speeding. “At least 115 km / h,” he reports, trusting the expert. “She would have had to anticipate an unpredictable element, the speed [de la BMW]. »

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