“I would like to have children in the future.”

Simona Halep in an interview with Tennis Majors, revealed: “Suddenly I discovered Patrick Mouratoglou’s Academy, I felt something different, I noticed that the fire for tennis had returned to me.

I always thought that at 30 I would be sick of all that, that I was going to stop this year. In fact, I also thought about it last year, immediately after the injury I had.

At the beginning of 2022, I felt a bit better, but I still didn’t have a lot of confidence, so I thought it might be the last stage where I could play tennis.”

The Romanian tennis player looked back on the last year of her tennis life and admitted that she had already thought about retiring last season. Her repeated physical problems had lowered the former World No.1’s confidence bar considerably, so much so that she had put the idea of ​​hanging up her racket in his mind.

Halep: “I would like to have children in the future”

After finding footing off the pitch with her September 2021 marriage to Macedonian businessman Toni Iuruc, the start of 2022 was Simona Halep’s time to rebalance things even in her professional life.

The solution, as she herself said, was the famous French coach Patrick Mouratoglou, who took her into his academy and agreed to work with her.

“Suddenly I discovered Patrick Mouratoglou’s academy, I felt something different, I noticed that the fire of tennis had returned to me.

Seeing all these kids doing their best to one day make it to the top gave me that feeling again. I needed something like that, to see it in other people, and thanks to that I found it.

I would like to have children in the future, but now I think it can wait a little longer.” “Right now I still feel that pleasure and I don’t want to give up. I really thought that I would never find the same level after the injury, I have been out of competition for almost four months.

I’ve never been away from tennis for so long, so I fought a lot last season, I fought against everything. I also thought that 30 was an ideal age to retire, I always thought so.

Even though it wasn’t in my head, it was probably still in my mind.”

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