In green: women are worth less than men

During this stage, more than 120 golfers compete for a cash prize, a capital gain of around 200,000 euros. This sum is divided among the top 30 players. “The others, although they played well, leave with nothing for the next tournament.“, explains Françoise Jolly, organizer of this round and founder of Naxhelet.

Participating in this type of tournament can quickly represent losses for athletes. “They have to take care of their plane tickets, lodging, a lot of times on Airbnb, they don’t have their entire shopping cart. They really have far fewer means than men.

For Francoise Jolly, “if other circuits offer higher prize money than ours, the difference is still evident with men.“In fact, for an equivalent competition for men, the profit easily amounts to two million euros, ten times more than the female reward for this competition.

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