In the Regional Cup, the taekwondo club wins gold

On Saturday, March 19, the regional selective cup for the Coupe de France was played in Perpignan, a competition in which the Montbazin club presented two fighters. And the students of Jean-Pierre Teulier still shined.

In minimum less than 41 kg, Terry Margouet automatically qualifies due to the lack of participants. However, this gold medal rewards his investment and his constant and impeccable preparation.

At a minimum below 30 kg, Tim Metral, after flying over the semifinal, won the gold medal by winning the final 15-6. “Here he is on his way to represent Occitania with his training partner for the Coupe de France which will take place on April 30 in Lyon. Congratulations to the champions!”, concludes Jean-Pierre Teulier.

The club was also present in Sète for a children’s competition. The Montbazinois qualified very well.

It is worth highlighting the great initiative of the Sète organizing club that did not charge registration or entry to the competition. A collection raised €100, which will be donated to the Red Cross for the benefit of Ukrainians.

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