“It will be very difficult for Roger Federer…”, says the ATP star

Former Slovenian tennis player Blaz Kavcic recalled a funny moment while training with Roger Federer. The latter immediately recognized Kavcic’s coach, who was Blaz Trupej.

“There is a funny anecdote between Federer and Trupej, when they met in 1999, and Federer wanted the match to be canceled due to darkness. However, Trupej didn’t want to because he had to ‘teach tennis in the morning’ (the morning Next)”

During the 2013 season, Federer and Kavcic met in Dubai. And when Federer saw Trupej, who had become Kavcic’s coach, he completely lost his mind. “When Roger came on court he lost, and then he saw my coach Trupej and said: ‘I remember you, haha!’ They had played in 1999 at the Domzale ATP.

Federer wanted us to stop the match and resume it the next day because of darkness, but Trupej said no: ‘I’ll watch tennis tomorrow morning…’. It was fun,” Kavcic said, according to Marko Hrastar.

Being from a country like Slovenia, which is not really known as a ‘tennis country’, made things extremely difficult for Kavcic.

“All the best players have a physio. Imagine F1 without mechanics! They go around (in a car), they go to the pits, their team repairs their car, they check the oil, they change the tyres…

I was going flat out, going back to the garage, the next morning I was back racing with the same car as always,” Kavcic explained. “I beat Felix (Auger-Alliassime) in 2016, we went out under that.

I’m alone, he has 3 guys around him, the physio who helps him with the stretches, the coach who advises him, tells him what’s wrong, the other guy who is on the phone (saying): ‘We also need this, we really I need this, bye’, then hangs up.

It’s much easier with the support of the federation,” said the Slovenian.

Rublev spoke about Federer’s absence

Following his win over Novak Djokovic at the 2022 Serbian Open this Sunday, Andrey Rublev declared that Djokovic and Rafael Nadal were the two greatest players in tennis history.

“It’s very interesting! These two are the best in history, and now they are fighting so that one feels alone on this throne,” Rublev said.

“In my opinion, they are both the best of all time. It is important to see how much they continue to enjoy tennis, and we will soon see what will come of it.” Rublev also gave his point of view on the 20-year-old Roger Federer. times Grand Slam champion.

Federer has not played since Wimbledon 2021 and has undergone a third knee operation in the meantime. “Of course he will try to play a few more tournaments, but I honestly think it is very difficult to come back (at the highest level) after such a long period of absence from the court,” Andrey Rublev commented.

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