Jon Rahm to the rescue of Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson Jon Rahm Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP

The Basque, whose agent was Tim Mickelson, brother of Phil, spoke this Wednesday on the eve of the first round of the Mexican Open and wanted to remember what the six-time Major winner had contributed to golf.

Jon Rahmthat you share with Phil Michaelson the same management company, sportfivea subsidiary of LagardereHe believes that we must not forget what the left-hander from San Diego has done for golf during his career, although lately he has been at the center of controversy.

“He dedicated his life to golf and if players are in a strong position today it is partly thanks to him” explained in substance the Basque, who is part of the relatives of the Mickelson clan.

Absent since his participation in the Saudi International (Asian tour) in early February, then the revelation of comments about the current regime in the Arabian Peninsula: “We all know they are killers. […] The Saudi League is a way of putting pressure on the PGA Tour Mickelson is expected to return for the PGA Championship in 3 weeks in Tulsa.

No one has done more for fans or signed more autographs.

Lefty also submitted a request for permission to play the first tournament of the LIV Invitational Series in London, the week before the US Open in June.

I don’t think what happened recently should damage his legacy too much. Rahm continued up the riverMexico Open. Many people focus on Tiger [Woods], but he’s easily in the top 10 players of all time. He is a member of the Hall of Fame, he has always been very close to the public. No one has done more for fans or signed more autographs. »

Jon Rahm certainly did not forget the kind attention of Phil Mickelson when he won the US Open in 2021 in torrey pines when the Californian had gone to look for a chair so that the Spaniard’s wife, pregnant with her first child, could follow her husband’s end in good conditions.

“Everyone makes mistakes and everything can be corrected, but you have to get out of it”, He concluded.


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