Jon Rahm’s anecdote about Tiger Woods… stingy with advice

Present in the Conference Room this Tuesday in Augusta before giving way to Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm has delivered precisely a clear anecdote about the Tiger, not very long in advice. In any case, not with him. Selected pieces.

The rich history of first major of the season wants for his first teachersas an amateur (in 1995), tiger forest I went to see Seve Ballesteros to ask him for some tips on how to approach the greens, how to position yourself on the fairways to attack the pins as accurately as possible, etc. An opinion that had obviously been used since the youngster won the first of five green jackets from him two years later by smashing the field (-18).

Jon Rahm, did not have the opportunity to benefit from the wise advice of Seve, who left too soon on May 7, 2011, at just 54 years old. The Basque also failed to get one or two essential “tricks” from Tiger Woods to perform in Augusta. Or elsewhere, on other routes. This Tuesday, at a press conference, he dedicated a few minutes to this issue.

“A matter of feelings”

I think there’s only one person here who gets advice from Tiger, and it’s not me. However, I tried. In vain. Instead ask justin thomas (laughs) I remember asking him at East Lake (VUELTA Championship), the year he won (2018), during a training session. “Hey man, do you have any advice for Bermuda (which at the end of the year gets the world hero challenge, a very small field tournament organized by Woods through his Foundation)? » He turned around and told me “It’s all about feelings” And he went on his way. Well, okay, great. Thank you ! (laughs). »

Once there, in Bermuda, I tried my luck again by asking him how the grain of the grass, specifically, was handled. he responded to me “You must be superficial. » Ok, and there, turning around, I see JT (Justin Thomas) and he in deep discussion. In fact, she was giving him a whole dissertation on what to do in the course. (laughs). »

Phil, Ollie…

Miser in the council of the Tiger! The former number 1 in the world, who gave his chair two weeks ago to the American scottie schefflerHowever, he was able to approach Phil Michaelson (absent this year) and Jose Maria OlazabalDouble winner of the Masters in 1994 and 1999.

The course that Ollie played when he offered his best golf has changed a bitunderlines the latest laureate of the us open. Even when Seve played there. He may be able to follow some of his advice, but the golf ball, the course, the speed of the greens, the firmness of those greens, everything has changed. So… »

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