Jordan Spieth plays a scary shot off the edge of the cliff!

The least we can say is that Jordan Spieth made his fans break out in a cold sweat on Saturday at Pebble Beach. After his throw-in in the 8th, the Texan found his ball in the penalty area, but just inches from the edge of the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean!

-4 after 7 holes Jordan Spieth wasn’t determined to put an end to his strong start to the 3rd round at Pebble Beach.

At 8, the spectacular left dogleg of the par 4 US Open course, the cliff is so close that the penalty area is only 2 meters from the precipice. And it is precisely there where the Texan found face to face with him.

It’s not very smart. Looking back, I regret doing it.

If the shot doesn’t look all that terrifying from the camera positioned on the player’s side, the aerial view offered by the PGA Tour drone provides the thrill!

Spieth backed up to his ball and told his caddy Michael Greller that it was the ball. “The creepiest, edgiest shot of his life he’s ever had to play” and we got it!

Spieth then admitted that wasn’t very smart of him. “It’s not very smart. Looking back, I regret doing it.”

His faithful co-pilot is even more severe. “I don’t understand the interest. Next time I’ll pick up the ball and throw it in the water to prevent him from playing it.”

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