Kalika Conseil enters the capital of P-ar Excellence (59club Europe)

Denis Fabre and Paul Armitage

The 59club was created in 2007 by Simon Wordsworth: the aim was, and still is today, to provide performance measurement tools on the golf course, hospitality and leisure. It should be noted that a study showed that almost 90% of customers are dissatisfied with the levels of service they receive in the golf and leisure industries.

After having a good development in the United Kingdom, Asia, the USA and the Emirates, 59club has decided to develop significantly in Europe, and in particular in France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Austria, as well as in Morocco and Tunisia. .

In November 2019, the company By excellence launched the European subsidiary of 59club, which is a leader in supporting golf courses in terms of development. The tools implemented range from mystery customer visits to customer satisfaction surveys, including online training and the creation of referral tools.

600 golf courses in the world benefit from several annual audits and participate in the famous award ceremonies that are the Oscars of quality in the golf industry.

Despite a first year 2020 heavily impacted by the health situation, 2021 saw a rapid development of the company with more than 120 golf courses in France relying on 59club Europe.

As part of its development, Kalika Consulting has just joined P-ar Excellence (59club Europe), a leader in customer experience at the service of golf courses.

This is what Paul Armitage had to say on this occasion: “I am convinced that our golf courses in France are among the best in Europe, it seemed essential to me to import 59club solutions to France and make them known to golf courses and resorts… It is done! Our growth has been rapid and now P-ar Excellence must continue to grow. We are delighted to have found a quality partner, Kalika Conseil, to support us in our future development. Working together with the partners of Kalika Conseil will allow us to have recognized professionals who share the same vision of supporting golf. We have the will and the ambition to be essential in France, Europe, Morocco and Tunisia»

Appointed General Manager of P-ar Excellence, Denis Fabre underlines the reasons for this merger: “Kalika Conseil has followed the launch and development of 59club Europe in France with interest. Supporting golf clubs by improving service and promoting a quality “experience” for golfers fits perfectly into the missions we offer our clients. It was quite natural for us to contribute to the development of the 59 Club Europe.”

The experience of P-AR Excellence members is reinforced with the arrival of Claudius Rousseauformer director of Golfs de Biarritz, in charge of the development and marketing of My59 products, with support colin bosio already present in the company.

Organized in this way, 59 Club Europe will be able to support many golf clubs but also offer new products for golf courses, hotel structures and their managers from 2022.

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Claude Rousseau: [email protected] and Colin Bosio: [email protected]
Denis Fabre: [email protected]

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