Legislative 2022: Reconquest of a candidate in the Fougères sector

Emilie Béchardergue, candidate for the Reconquest for the 6th constituency of Ille-et-Vilaine (©Photo DR).

reconquestthe match oferic zemourwill have a candidate for the legislative elections on 6Y constituency. that of the country of ferns.

she is called Emilie Bechadergue26 years of age, resident in the country of Saint Bad and store manager. This former high-level golfer has participated in French and international championships.

The nomination of the candidate from Saint-Malo in the Pays de Fougères constituency is the result of an “internal questioning” in Reconquête and a “dispatch”. “In the 6Y constituency, we lack candidates”, explains Laurence Perrouault, his campaign manager, praising Émilie Béchadergue’s “great investment”.

“His spirit of being at the service of people stands out.”

This is the first commitment in politics for the young woman, who joined Reconquête this year on the occasion of the presidential election. For this “very short” legislative campaign, Émilie Béchadergue plans to go door to door, trailers and public meetings to “approach people, listen to requests”. “It’s country riding,” observes Laurence Perrouault.

Candidate Objective:

“to be at the service of the agricultural world to solve all the problems that arise”.

The main axes of the Reconquest will be proposed: retirement, purchasing power and the great substitution.

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