LIVE – Bad weather: large part of France crossed by intense storms

A woman reported missing in Rouen

The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, announces this Saturday night that a woman is missing in Rouen, in a context of severe bad weather.

“Cars started to slow down, we couldn’t see anything anymore” says a Chartres resident

The waterspouts began to fall in several regions on Saturday night. In Chartres in Eure-et-Loir, residents witnessed impressive rains, as Filiz tells us into our microphone. This woman says that she was “scared” while she was in her vehicle when the water began to rise on the sides of the road.

“We were going to take my little niece to Orly when it started to rain a lot, and then it turned into a big hail,” this woman testifies. “It created a flood, it was really flowing. Then the cars started slowing down, we couldn’t see anything.”

Landes and Gers: part of the Armagnac vineyard affected by hail

In Landes and Gers, hail of several centimeters fell on part of the Armagnac vineyardwinegrowers and local officials told AFP. If there are no injuries in the Landes, 4,500 homes have been left without electricity.

“This hail corridor followed the entire Lando-Gers border and it is estimated that between 4 and 5,000 hectares of vines and several tens of thousands of hectares of crops in Gers were affected,” said the president of the departmental chamber Bernard Malabirade. of agriculture

“In Montreal-du Gers, we had hail bigger than a golf ball!” according to the director of the Armagnac interprofessional, Olivier Goujon.

Not far from there, in Labastide-d’Armagnac (Landes), the mayor Alain Gaube believes he has “lost between 70 and 90% of (s) vines”. “On the ground there is a large part of the leaves and grapes. The grapes that remain (in the vineyard) are already brown, they are dead,” he laments.

The good reflexes to adopt and those to avoid in case of a storm

Faced with the risk of accidents, firefighters increase calls for caution, reminding them of the correct actions to take and those to avoid.

“The first thing is not to go out and avoid any movement”, remembers first on BFMTV Jérôme François, group chief firefighter within the Val-d’Oise SDIS and mayor of Mériel. “The safest place is a house or a hard shelter.”

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Gérald Darmanin calls for greater vigilance

The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, calls for vigilance in the face of the stormy episode that is going through a good part of the territory this Saturday.

“The population is invited to follow the advice of the authorities and remain very alert,” he wrote in a tweet on Saturday night. “State services and civil security resources are mobilized, ready to intervene.”

The Eiffel Tower struck by lightning this Saturday

The Eiffel Tower was struck by lightning this Saturday afternoon, around 6:00 p.m., photographer Kulik Bertrand reports on Twitter. The latter published two photos of the event, when the monument was shining.

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We Love Green: concerts canceled this Saturday night due to violent storms

After two years of absence due to Covid-19, We love green festivalwhich has been held since Thursday at the Bois de Vincennes in Paris, is forced to cancel the concerts of its second day this Saturday night due to heavy rains and thunderstorms, it has announced on social networks.

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Former mayor of Tours describes “rare violence, especially in this season”

The city of Tours was crossed by intense storms this Saturday afternoon. An episode of “rare violence, especially in this season”, former Tours mayor Christophe Bouchet told BFMTV, describing an impressive episode although “very short, 5 to 6 minutes”.

This Saturday hail fell on a balcony in Tours. © BFTV

Christophe Bouchet says he witnessed “waterspouts, very violent winds”, but also hail of “a centimeter with a deafening noise” when it fell. He explains, however, that the waters evacuated normally in the city of Indre-et-Loire, and that “the trees fell on the road in several places at the level of the motorway, but that the motorway services quickly cleaned it up”.

30,000 scouts gathered at Chambord protected

30,000 unit scouts from France that met in the National Estate of Chambord (Loir-et-Cher) on the occasion of the Pentecost weekend they took shelter from the violent storms, a third of which were inside the castle itself, the organizers announced.

“The storm passed around 4:30 p.m., lasted a few minutes but was relatively strong and a gust of wind knocked down the Cubs’ tents, which we are in the process of setting up,” explained Damien Tardy, relations manager. .press movement.

“Ten thousand young people, aged 8 to 12, were housed in the castle in cooperation with the prefecture,” he added.

60 French departments put on orange surveillance

Météo-France placed on Saturday 60 departments ranging from the South-West to the North and East on orange alert for electrical storms from 4:00 p.m. to Sunday morning.

According to the bulletin of the weather forecasting organization, after a pause this morning, violent storms will sometimes develop in the Pays de la Loire, Normandy, Ile-de-France, the Massif Central and the south-west of the country. Center, Burgundy, Lorraine, Champagne and Picardy will win in the afternoon.

These storms will be accompanied by intense rains (locally from 40 to 60 mm in a short time), violent gusts of wind and hail. The risk of large hail is high, especially in the Southwest and the Massif Central. Météo-France therefore warns against a stormy episode “which requires special vigilance due to a high risk of violent phenomena”.

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