Lorena Ochoa inducted into the very select LPGA Hall of Fame

Here the Mexican winner of the Kraft Nabisco 2008 championship

By deciding to change its admission criteria, the LPGA announced the induction into the LPGA Hall of Fame of 40-year-old Mexican Lorena Ochoa, retired in 2010, winner of 27 tournaments in seven years on the US Women’s Tour.

It is well known, only fools do not change their minds. According to information from golf weekthe LPGA has decided to lift the requirement of 10 years of permanence in the American circuit to have the possibility of entering the very select LPGA Hall of Fameparadoxically much more hermetic than the world famous golf.

Until today, players had to accumulate at least 27 points and have played ten years to be eligible within the venerable institution that has only… 25 members. However, if the Mexican Lorraine Ochoagreat champion victorious in 27 occasions of the American circuit (including two Majors, the British Open in 2007 and the Kraft Nabisco Championship in 2008) before retiring at just 28 years old in 2010, he racked up the required points well (37), having only played seven years on the LPGA Tour.

an outdated rule

Talk to Carol Mann (President of the LPGA when the rules were enacted) just before his deathexplain beth danielDistinguished Member of the LPGA Hall of Fame. This criteria had been established in order to keep the best players on the Tour for as long as possible. I think the Tour is strong enough now that we don’t need that requirement anymore. That’s why we decided to remove it. »

The LPGA Hall of Fame committee has also clarified that a point will now be awarded to winners of Olympic golf tournaments. the south korean inbee park and the american nelly kordarespectively gold medalist in 2016 in Rio and in 2021 in Tokyo, were retroactively rewarded.


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