Martial Arts: Master Ali Badara, a remarkable course in taekwondo

40 years old, husband and father of 5 children, Ali Badara is a great practitioner of Taekwondo. He has been interested in this sport since he was young. Since my failure in the CFEPD (entering 6th grade), I have been interested in Taekwondo. Thus, in 1996, I approached my uncle, Mr. Tidjani Ali, known as Matre Chow, to express my wishes to practice this art. Today, everything I earn in life is through Taekwondo, he says.

In this sport, Ali Badara managed to climb several levels and won important recognitions and numerous awards. Today he is a coach for the Niamey taekwondo clubs. As such, Ali has had to guide and field many fighters at national championships, grand prix and tournaments. The benefits that taekwondo brought to Ali Badara are enormous. I was an athlete in the Niger national team. Because of that advantage, I was present in several competitions, including national championships and African competitions, he specifies. Vice Champion of Niger, Vice Champion of the West African Zone, Assistant Coach for 7 years, then Junior Head Coach, Mr. Ali Badara is delighted today with all these advantages that taekwondo has offered him.

As a coach, his seriousness, his rigor and his discipline allowed him to be distinguished as the best coach. This was the case very recently in Niamey during the Niamey City Para-Taekwondo in conjunction with the Niamey International OPEN. In 2018, he qualified for the national team for the World Junior Couples Championship for the Junior Olympic Games Qualifiers in Tunisia. In this competition, coach Ali Badara introduced three athletes namely Maharana Tidjani, Hamza Souleymane and Balkissa Halidou. At the African Taekwondo Championships in Dakar, as a local coach, he introduced two athletes, including Balkissa Halidou, who took third place in his category.

Among the advantages that taekwondo has given him, we can mention, among others, high-level training, the most important being that of the WTF through the world taekwondo federation. This training aims to train coaches with international diplomas. He has level 1 and level 2, two diplomas that allow him to be international.

Ali Badara aims to give his best for Nigerian taekwondo. His ambition is also to raise his level to reach the top internationally. That is why he invites the authorities and all athletes, particularly in the field of taekwondo, to invest more. Athletes and coaches need everyone’s support. Success in sport requires support. The first support is that of relatives, the taekwondo family and finally the government. Today, we all rejoice at the feat of Alfaga, who managed to raise the Niger flag high. It’s because somewhere he had support from both sides, he felt.

Ali Badara’s qualities are commitment, discipline and perseverance. In the wrestling era, he always listened to his trainer and followed the instructions to the letter. As a coach, Maitre Ali Badara is very respectful of the officials and the rules of the game. Maitre Ali Badara is an exemplary coach, very attentive to his athletes. He works in two clubs, the national museum club and the Mamaki club.

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