Massage professional athletes to put their knowledge into practice

Massage therapy teacher Yves Charette and his students will offer their services to the caddies who will be present at the St. George Golf and Country Clubin Etobicoke.

The tournament would be held at this club in 2020, for the first time in 10 years, but it had to be canceledjust like the 2021 tournament.

Mr. Charette has been working with PGA golfers since 2006. Therefore, he had contacts on the course that allowed him to organize this experience.

I asked my colleague if I could bring my students to give them a great experience with professional athletes. He took advantage of the opportunity. »

a quote from Yves Charette, professor of massage therapy at Collège Boréal

Professor Charette believes that caddies are athletes just like golfers because of the heavy loads they have to carry and the level of concentration required. It is both physical and mental. You have to manage your player who sometimes gets angry.

He says that this experience will be demanding for his students. We start at 7:00 am and finish at 7:00 pm

Massage therapists will have few opportunities to take breaks during the tournament, as athletes will show up on the massage tables one after another throughout the day.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Nicolás Mongeon

Mélanie Trottier, a graduate of Collège Boréal’s massage therapy program, will accompany the group.

I’m very excited, but I’m a little more nervous, because it’s something new.trusted me

I wasn’t really aiming for sports, so it’s nice to open another door and see what I can do. »

a quote from Mélanie Trottier, graduate of the massage therapy program at Collège Boréal

We hope that in the future it will be something that returns every yearpoints out Mr. Charette.

She also hopes to take her students to the CP Women’s Open in Ottawa in late August, as well as other professional sports tournaments.

Before the pandemic, massage therapy students from Collège Boréal used to practice with young athletes from École Secondaire du Sacré-Coeur.

Mr. Charette explains that this program can finally resume.

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