Mérignies: future champions at the 12th Grand Prix du Golf de Mérignies?

Players and organizers were hot during the three days of competition, first in the summer sun on Saturday, then interrupted and postponed due to thunderstorms on Sunday. But in the end the tournament was able to finish normally on Monday night.

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Pledge of the growing reputation of the event, it was necessary to resort to a selection to keep only one hundred twenty participants of the 145 registered “says Béatrice Gaulier, head of communication for the club. Most came from the Hauts-de-France, but we noted the great enthusiasm of the participants from the Paris region and abroad, mainly from Belgium (about thirty golfers each time).

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The participants and many spectators who followed the competitors on the greens will have had the privilege of discovering twenty-year-old Elsie Verhoeven, who finished second behind Laura Van Respaille of the Bondues club. And also the young Belgian-Ukrainian Lev Grimberg, only fourteen years old! Already accustomed to professional tournaments, and described as a prodigy by observers, he finished brilliantly in third place behind two Parisians, Louis Anceaux and Diego Lourenco.

It was also the first time that the Mérignisien club offered “prize money” during an amateur event, that is, a financial reward for the male and female winners, “ appreciated, especially by young people who have to invest a lot for Grand Prix tours “, the organizers stressed.

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