Mr. Lu, winner of the 1971 French Open, has died

Lu Liang-huan AFP PHOTO/Paul Lakatos/UBS

Taiwanese Lu Liang-huan, affectionately nicknamed “Mr. Lu,” died on March 15 at the age of 85. The golf world discovered him in 1971 when he placed second in the British before winning the French Open.

No, he’s not just another villain from the James Bond movies or a rival as athletic as Bruce Lee. “Mr. Lu” He was a friendly guy, all smiles, who greeted the public with his blue “pork pie” hat, which had become his trademark.

Caddy before being an Asian star

His story begins like that of many other continental champions with some exotic touches. He discovered golf as a child when he became a caddy to help his family. To save money, he makes bamboo sticks and uses guavas as balls…

Having become one of the first professionals in his country, it was only natural that he would make a career in Asia from the late 1950s. In 1971, he became known to the world by taking the 2nd place British Open.

An amazing second place at the British 1971

That year, the British took place at Royal Birkdale. In position to win, Lu Liang-huan quickly becomes an attraction for the publicdelighted to see this smiling Asian raise his blue hat with every cheer. He even becomes his favorite through a misadventure. On the 18th, his second 5-wood shot turns into a disaster: his ball knocks out a spectator who will be taken to the hospital.

Furious, “Mr. Lu”, a nickname given to him by the famous agent Mark McCormack on television, is quite shaken. But still he manages to birdie this final hole as his opponent. Lee Trevino who wins the tournament by a small blow.

First Asian to win in Europe

A week later, ready to play theopen french in Biarritz, Lu finally heard from the unfortunate woman: Mr. Lu, I’m fine, make a lot of birdies she writes to him.

This is what he did on the Lighthouse course, known to be short like him on the trail. Lu thus becomes the first Asian to win on the European circuit. The era of globalization is thus definitively open.

Between 1959 and 1987, “Mr. Lu” carried his smile with various hits. On his list of thirty professional victories including a 1972 world cup Y 8 tournaments on the Japan Tour. There he earned the esteem of his colleagues and a little money that he later made profitable through the luxury hotel business in Taiwan.

CT Pan Tribute

the Taiwanese of the PGA Tour CT tray paid tribute to him on his facebook account by posting a photo accompanied by a text explaining that “Mr. Lu”, in addition to being an extremely talented player, was his role model.

The reasons for his death remain unknown to this day.

©AFP PHOTO/Paul Lakatos/UBS

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